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Using VCA

Contributor Kluge
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I was unable to login to VCA via the client starting in the middle of March...  Finally started letting me in on April 7th, then sometime on the 12th, it started up with the "Sign-in failed" message garbage again.  They need to fix this or take it offline until they get a handle on keeping the system stable.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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You're not alone...no one will answer when it will be repaired and when you call..it's no answer or call someone else. Best bet..write to the an executive or go state president for that area.

Contributor kindofadraag
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Registered: ‎05-11-2010
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1. the VCA desktop client does not support Pacific Daylight Time but the website does. all of the calls show up an hour late on the desktop program

2. it simply will not let me configure my voicemail to work with call assistant. every single time i try it says "error" or i'll click on the "Sign Up" for voicemail link in the Call Assistant web portal and it's totally dead.


So I thought maybe I had to get a different kind of voicemail and tried signing up for onepoint, which never goes through. In fact, I can't select or unselect anything at all when I try to edit my calling features, but I guess that's another issue.


VCA is a really good idea but I think you guys should have waited to even roll out a beta version because it really doesn't work well most of the time. It's easier to view everything on the website rather than in that program.


And c'mon - internet explorer? really? does anyone even USE internet explorer anymore?

Contributor sdmarkow
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Hello,  I use the latest VCA client.  Ever since I upgraded to the latest version I am continually getting sign in failed popups.  It works fine, but every few minutes a new popup shows up.  In the morning, I usually have to click OK on around 50 or so of these boxes.  Is there any way to stop this madness?

Contributor DaddyBear
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I just started having this same problem since the morning of 8/17.  I changed my ancient service package to Freedom, moved my DSL from a second line to the main line, and had that second line converted to a Distinctive Ring number.  All of a sudden, signin fails in the VCA client and the web.  I get the same "USERID not found" message that others reported.  I thought I'd check in here to see if it was a "just me" issue before phoning it in.  (I am really not in the mood for having to spend more time on the phone for yet another thing that got botched during what should have been a pretty straight-forward order.)


Does anyone from VZ actually monitor here?  If so, please contact me about getting this fixed promptly without my having to spend yet more time on the phone or jump through hoops.

Copper Contributor aprilluv2
Copper Contributor
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behappy you can even see anything mine fails totally since I changed my number and they have no way of fixing and the email I got today from them They said it was COMCASTS fault




I had one tech yesterday a supervisor actually TRY and help me


I am so fed up with this and they can not understand why i would be feeling that way OH and they also keep adding a extra 5.00 to my account every month some tech attempted to fix it by adding more services back in June and since than i have to call every month to have the charge removed Mind you none have the brains to remove the extra service they just remove he charge so i get it again the next month


I just am not understanding why this is so hard to fix All I did was change my number  they have no issue transferrring and showing me my bill so why can i not get voicemail and call logs??

Copper Contributor daterps
Copper Contributor
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@Logger58 wrote:

I'm having the same problems and getting the same messages.  I've spend hours on the phone with Verizon and have gotten no where.  Does anyone know the answers as to how to get call assistant to work?

VCA client sofware is the biggest piece of garbage ever created.  I don't fault the developers, unless they're in India, which then would make sense...I would fault Verizon who clearly doesn't give two s**ts about their customers.


All that they wanted to do is check the box for having caller ID / voicemail retrieval on your computer...that way they wouldn't be lying to the public when their marketing folks blanketed the market with ads about how amazing Verizon phone service is now.


What people don't know is that the computer based vmail/caller ID is a piece of garbage and rarely works. 


So, I have to use the web browser based call assistant, which sucks, too.  When you first login you are presented with a list of calls and voicemails from which you can play the vmails.  But, in order to actually delete the voicemail you have to click a lin kand be directed to yet another page.  Unbelieveable.


Verizon - get your act together.  This is absolutely horrible that these issues still exist given what your competition in the market is offering.

Contributor DaddyBear
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Well, I found out what's behind the issue I have.  VCA is not compatible with Distinctive Ring.  The guy I spoke with at 888-483-5156 (IOBI and VCA Support was able to tell me that as soon as I mentioned I had just converted my former second line to DR on my main line.  Unfortunately, there isn't anything he can do to get the issue fixed.  I just uninstalled VCA as it is now completely useless to me.

Contributor jkdood
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well its now 2011 and doesn't seem to be fixes or improvements

I use IE

I just switched to a new sony vaio laptop with Windows 7, before I had Vista

my web based VCA functions with some glitches, some intermittent issues or requiring refreshes and retries that should really not be, exs: the voice mail shows up only if u keep trying different ways to see it, same is true for the delete button, intermittently!


and the VCA PC-client for desktop popups and such, the load program screen does not have a next button when i attempted install, save and install, etc. i tried many ways ands many times, I am an IT professional not illiterate

i tried Vista compatibility settings no help

i see this was reported over a year ago, and no Verizon posting about a fix

I am least glad i read this thread, so know to give up hope quickly and easily and not waste a lot of time on the wastage known as VCA

Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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I thought call assistant isn't compatible with distinctive ring. I thought I read that on their website
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