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Using VCA

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Oh I didn't see the confirmation message posted above. Sorry. Definitely some compatibility issues with win 7
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well, I am supposedly now signed up with VCA, but I have no idea where to log on to it, how to use it, anything. There are no instructions about it at all that I can find. Please point me to the user manual or whatever, and, especially, where to log in.


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Having the exact same problem after the mandatory password change back to my email username was made. Verizon support says they will report the problem and get back to me. We'll see.

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Today I got a snail mail letter saying I had it and telling me where to activate it, but when I try to to sign up, I get the message:

We are sorry. You have not ordered Verizon Call Assistant,        
or your order has not been processed yet.  
If you have already ordered Verizon Call Assistant, you will
receive an email notification when the order has been


Why send a letter if I don't have it yet? And indeed, the manual says,

You will receive a VCA Welcome letter/email when the ordering process has been completed and your account is ready for activation.

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I have Windows 7  64 bit and VCA  works for me.   Although for 2 months it wasn't  after many agonizing attempts reporting

my VCA not working Verizon  FINALLY resolved my issues.


With all the problems   VCA  not working even being told it was no longer supported it is continued to be advertised ! WHY ?  

What's the deal !   Further info... VCA no longer available to New customers  Helllooooo.

Very Conflicting ... as here I post  what is displayed in my VCA voicemail.  



 received a call from this number 800-837-4966 ( 24 hrs )  that VCA is no longer supported. 
Below from on Verizon VCA voicemail site...  
Note This service is no longer available to new customers. If you currently subscribe to this service, you will continue to receive the service, but you will not be permitted to re-subscribe to it if you remove it or transfer it to another customer at your current location or to a new location.
Another baffaling thing   WHY  is it even in My Verizon  home phone ( on my email page ) voice mail encouraging new customers to VCA ????
As displays in my VCA voicemail....
reply-to verizoncallassistant@core.verizon.com
You have a new voicemail from *** *** ****  In your mail box at *** *** **** Click here to listen to the Voice mail  
------------------------------------------------------------ Like Verizon Call Assistant product? Refer it to your friends now! Forward them this URL:
Images are not displayed









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