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VCA Installation Issues

VCA Installation Issues

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Please post your issues with installation of Verizon Call Assistant here.

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Contributor MissingVCA
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I recently had to swap my laptop harddrive from one laptop to another.  Every since then, I can't get VCA to load.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've "repaired", I've cleared what I can find from the registry and still nothing.  I double click the icon to load it starts, puts the icon in the systray and freezes.  After a minute, all boxes close and the icon disappears from the systray.


I've called support and they say they can't help, because it works online and they don't support the desktop client.  I spent 2 hours with my laptop support and they couldn't find any reason why this wouldn't load.  Anyone else have this problem or have any ideas?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I have the same exact issue on my laptop.  I am running XP SP 3.  When I go to the online app everything works OK except the voice mail piece.  The app states that I do not have voice mail set up but I definitely do.  Please let me know if you figure this out.

Contributor douglas9x
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Uninstalled my previous version of Call Assistant. When i try and download the new version all i get is the Command Prompt window. Can't seem to get to the download itself. Sign in to call assistant online without problems. Have downloaded it on previous times without problems. Now have run into this problem. Any input appreciated.
Contributor diveb8
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I can login to VCA on the WEB but using the same userid and password I get login failed when I use the PC software.

Contributor Kluge
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The exact same thing is happening for me too...  The "I forgot my password" link on the login window was a broken link too... Upgraded the VCA software to the newest version, found the right web page to change my VCA password, still only able to log in via the web site, but not the VCA client software.  Hopefully they'll have it fixed very soon.

Contributor namtrem
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I can access VCA via the web; however it does not list my recent received calls. As for the desktop download... I've downloaded the app and have run it to the point where I login. At this point, I assume it connects to something, but the status is listed as "Offline."


Do these issues have anything to do with the Verizon sale of rural landline accounts to Frontier? I'm fairly new to Verizon (1 month) and so far have not been impressed with their tools.

Contributor mnorce
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I am getting the same problem!  I tried calling and changing my password.  I have verified the password is correct.  It works online but is DOG slow.  I am guessing some sort of port issue.  Any responses to this issue?

Contributor BernardSamson
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After downloading this program and launching it,

I am prompted to "Click Next to continue", unfortunately both

buttons on the bottom of the window are grayed out, without any text, disabled.

My OS is Windows Vista x64.

Contributor lfmeadow
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I have exactly the same problem. Guess it's time to go to Windows 7 (planned to anyway, this is a good excuse).

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