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VCA Registration Issues

VCA Registration Issues

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Please post any issues you're having registering Verizon Call Assistant here.

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I have tried repeatedly to activate the VZ call assistant as shown online in "my verizon" page. Online access does not work and local biz offc in NY is not familiar. After two lenghty chat sessions and a transfer to FIOS tech support in Dallas, another rep,via e-mail, now tells me that my local switch (DMS-100, I think) does not support this feature. Any have any info on this feature?

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More than likely if it doesn't work, and hasn't worked, and hasn't been able to be made to work.... and a Verizon Tech advised that it will not work because of the particular hardware you are hooked up to in the central office does not work with that feature.... That is probably the case....


I do not think another verizon user, would be able to shed any more light on the subject....


But feel free to contact Verizon Call Assistant support at 1-888-483-5156.... Perhaps they have the magic button.... But given the circumstances, I doubt it.


Good Luck


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E-Center didn't even know what I was talking about, then they told me they would look into it and call me back. . . .that was one week ago. Anyone have any luck signing up for the Call Assistant with their verizon.com login username and password. I get a please call the business office. Of course the business office can't sign you up. Only the E-Center can deal with the issue. 

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I've been trying to do the same for months! They keep sending that little teaser with my bills but I can't seem to find anyone at Verizon who knows their fanny from a hot rock!

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I don't feel so bad now as I've only been trying a week!!


Appears to be impossible to order it as no matter what I do it just keeps presenting me with the TV bundles that are available.  Maybe if I ordered TV it would ten allow me to get there.

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I have tried to add the service using the link from the my verizon.com page and it just puts me "Make Changes to your Existing Service" Screen.  At which point I click on the Add to Your account "Calling Features".  That brings me to "Customize your Phone Service" Screen which has no additional features selectable.  I have voice mail with them so I know I qualify for the service.  I have spent the past 2 days being bounced around through different departments at Verizon all who were unable to assist.  I love their service but their customer service is atrocious!  I am seriously considering going back to cable where they were able to get things done when a customer calls.  Anyone have any insight or comments it would be appreciated.
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I thought I was the only one not getting things done through customer service! I have had the exact same problem,I have been trying to activate call assistant for 1 week now and I also get bounced to 4 different people.It is so frustrating! I too think I want to go back to Comcast this is ridiculous! Noone knows what to do so I have been on hold for 30 min at a time and then forworded to another person who has no idea what to do and so on!
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Here is an update on my never ending journey to add the service.  I ended up calling the ecenter early in the morning (before 9 AM) and waited for about 10 minutes before I got an operator.  When I got through to her she was quite helpful and told me the problem was actually with a Call Assistant Server and to try add the service later the next day... I also used the following link to submit a trouble ticket with the ecenter: https://www22.verizon.com/foryourhome/ContactUs/contactus_email_form.aspx  which to my surprise someone responded today and said that they would add the service for me.  Let's see how that goes.....
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So on Friday I got an email confirming the addition of the service to my account.  As of today I logged in and it is working.  So submitting a ticket online for the ecenter does take some time but does work.
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