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VCA Software/Upgrade Issues

VCA Software/Upgrade Issues

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I am able to log in and view my call list. However, all times are EDT while I am in PDT. (Time to check all of my settings).

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Finally, so far good.  Login works, online instantly and settings correct.  Call logs correct. . .will see what happens through the day!   {Update] Incoming call pop up works also.

Copper Contributor CCandBW
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I've been tracking the posts and have had similar problems with the recent VCA upgrade.  I don't get the login failed messages anymore, but my client says I'm "Offline" and I don't get any caller id pop-ups on my PC; however, I do get notices on my TV so something is half working.  I thought I needed to log into the PC client to get the TV notifications to work. Yes?  No?

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@CCandBW wrote:
I thought I needed to log into the PC client to get the TV notifications to work. Yes?  No?

No. I have had VCA for maybe a year and a half, the PC client originally worked but quit working quite a while ago. Since I now have Caller ID on my TVs (for about 6 months or so now), I no longer have any need for the PC client. I do not even have it installed on the PC.


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Copper Contributor CCandBW
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Justin -- Thanks for the info.  When I received the FIOS TV IMG upgrade that included caller ID, everywhere I read said you needed to have the VCA client on your PC.  I thought it strange since it shouldn't need the PC for anything, but just take it from the router to the STB.  I even tested it with and without the VCA logged in and I thought I verified that, but maybe my memory is off.

The only reason I would expect it to dip the PC would be to get names associated with numbers that I put in the client.  Somehow, I don't think it's that sophisticated. 


Since I spend a good deal of time at my computer and I don't have caller id displays on my phones, I like having the caller id pop-up.  I was also hoping I could get my voicemail from the VCA someday.  It has never worked and nobody seems to know if it will ever be available.  My spouse won't get rid of the answering machine until there is some other notification that there is a voice message.  I do send a notification to my cell when there is a voicemail, but he doesn't care for that idea.


As for VCA overall, I'm amazed that in 2010 they aren't even close to the call management tools that were available 6+ years ago.  Granted, building VOIP web-based apps are simpler, but once the voice data is hooked, it should be easy to serve it up for a client interface.  There is so much more that can be offered for call management (like call the person back with a click, link it to phone directories, etc.) that I really am surprised that VZ hasn't invested in VCA more.  Then again, that may just be how it appears to me.


I always appreciate your insights. 

Copper Contributor TVee
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"After upgrading to version 2.7.79 of Call Assistant on my PC, the status remains "Offline" and I am no longer getting any information on incoming calls.  I tried de-installing Call Assistant, rebooting my PC and installing 2.7.79 of Call Assistant on my PC, but it is still "Offline".  I am able to see my calls on the Verizon Call Assistant web site, but none of the information is getting downloaded to my PC."



Same dealio here.   This VCA has not worked properly for MONTHS !  And I've downloaded the [supposed] new version [2.7.79] and it shows me as "offline" and gives me a call log that's nearly 2 months old!  Smiley Surprised


Does anyone at Verizon even READ these forums???  I'm sorry I ever bragged to my friends how wonderful verizon fios' triple bundle is.   I sure hope they didn't take me at my word!!

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Hi TVee


This is a peer to peer support forum, and not staffed by Verizon. Occasionally a Verizon employee pops in to answer a question, but the forum is not monitored for technical or customer service issues. For those, use the Contact Us link on the main community page.

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What we need is a forum where Verizon actively participates. It is virtually impossible to reach anyone in technical support that knows anything. Also, with so many with the same questions and problems, a forum like this would provide answers to many, many users.

Copper Contributor CCandBW
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I came back from vacation and, magically, my Call Assistant is now working.  I'm on line and the logs are accurate, for the most part.  I still get some old calls on my new list, but I don't care much about the call log.

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I'm quite certain any post for a company that says keep your posts appropriate sums it all up.  Customer service is beyond horrible!!!!!!!!!  Vonage...I must bow to you and am so sorry that I left you.

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