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Verizon Call Assistant and Memory Leak?

Verizon Call Assistant and Memory Leak?

Copper Contributor Bolt
Copper Contributor
Posts: 11
Registered: ‎11-09-2008
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For the first time over the past day or
so I am encountering the same memory leak reported by others on this
thread -- a continuous increase in memory demand visible for
vzvidgetengine.exe on Task Manager.  As I type, it is up to
867,072 K.  Available RAM resources are plummeting accordingly. 
If I don't kill the process, my system grinds to a halt.  It's a
shame, because it's a nice little app I've grown quite accustomed to
relying over the past month or so (but obviously could do without). 
I agree with earlier comments that the fact some suffer this problem
and others don't strongly points at some difference -- but what? 
Other software might cause a conflict or -- my own suspicion --
Verizon changed versions and one of the more recent versions posted
has this flaw (which would possibly explain why Justin who has been
using it for some time hasn't encountered it, or why I didn't
encounter it until I re-installed it on my machine recently).




(It was continuing to increase when this screen capture was taken!)


Copper Contributor Bolt
Copper Contributor
Posts: 11
Registered: ‎11-09-2008
Message 32 of 32
Sorry, for some reason I inserted the image of Task Manager in my previous post above incorrectly, so I'll try again (wish I could insert a movie to show memory use by Vzvidgetengine.exe clicking up continuously in real time Smiley Mad ):

From Print Screen

Also, on reviewing the earlier posts, I realize that my conjecture that this problem is associated with a bug in a recent version of CA is incorrect -- the posts go back to August, I believe. So it does appear that there is a conflict with some other common program. In a similar forum on Dslreports.com, one possible common factor emerged, namely, that the problem surfaced on systems where a XP updated through SP3 was re-installed very recently. Indeed, that's my case as well, having re-paved my HD just 2 weeks ago.

Finally, I took Justin's advice and reported this problem a week or so ago through the Feedback link on the Call Assistant page, but I haven't heard a thing back from anyone at Verizon. If anyone associated with CA at VZ is reading this forum now, after being alerted, perhaps you might let us all know whether the source of the problem has been identified and how it is being addressed. Many thanks!
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