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Verizon Call Assistant (web and home software) does not work

Verizon Call Assistant (web and home software) does not work

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I agree, it does not work anymore.


I've been a software developer and worked with PC's since the 80's.


Nothing ever seems to work as far as the web and Verizon is concerned.


They had so may pieces, tried to put them together and made a bigger mess.  I've seen this before, they make changes and let their customers do the testing and find the problems.  It saves testing resources.


It's totally frustrating.  If I ever get an other alternative, I'll be there.


I wanted to look up a phone number for a company I spoke to in December.   I'll have to find it another way.


As I was looking around the forum, saw that people are also having problems with caller id showing up on the TV.  Mine quit working also.  I was going to call about it but now I'll just wait till and if they get it fixed.  Trying to get answers over the phone is even more frustrating than trying to navigate their web sites.



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At least I'm getting emails that I'm getting calls and voicemails are being left.  However, I go to the main link log in with my old credentials which then ask me for the new login process and eventually I end up on the hideous MyVerizon home page.  Where is the link to look at my voice mails?

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I completely agree with you, it's very frustrating. However, I might have a solution for the caller ID on your television. this has worked twice for me, after the phase out of Iobi and then again after a power outage last fall. I went to the menu screen, and under the settings I turned off the alert display and then turned it back on. I received the message that activating the alert display could take up to 48 hours, and about two days later my caller ID bagan popping up on the television screen. I told my neighbor about this and it worked for her too. I really wish that VZ would fix the Call Assistant, I really liked the control Iobi gave me.



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I found my problem.  Should have gotten to it through this forum but, there are no answers under this thread that I can see.  I got to it by doing a Google Seach about the "Not Supported Method" error message you get trying to log into the Verizon Web Pages.  Problem appears to have been around for a while.  Seems it should have been addressed with more communication from Verizon.


The problem is with the Google Chrome Browser.  Verizon tech's can't seem to find the problem.  Try Firefox.  I was able to get into the Verizon web pages and VCA using Firefox.


Verizon, please note, Google Chrome just passed Firefox in market share for browser use.  I like both but switched to Chrome a year ago or so because of the simplicity, and it can't be populated with unwanted toolbars.



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I get Not Supported Method with Firefox. Every time I try log on it's another problem. This time I had to use IE.

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I have been trying to get my call logs for a Verizon landline NON FIOS for some six hours.  Don't waste your time.  It does not exist for NON FIOS customers.  Unfortunately, however, due the extreme incompetence of Verizon in general they have not told their website developers or their support people.  Some reference CallAssistant and tell you to go on the web site.


When you go to that page you will see a little tag at the bottom of the page that says "Verizon Call assistant is FREE!" and a little icon that says "Get it now".  At that point someone in the website development center should have put a prompt in asking you if you had FIOS.  But they didn't.  Probably because no one told him.  You enter your login ID (for the third time) even though you are already logged on, go through the legal disclaimer, then ask to enter your home phone number.  Then nothing will happen.




The Verizon help desk support work ethic is not to find that out but to transfer your call to anyone to get the call off their phone.  Be prepared to take a journey across the world!  You may go to exotic India where a well meaning call center drone will try to sell you something (I'm not quite sure he even knows what he sells but he is "berry berry sorry I am not knowing how I can be helping of you")  You may be whisked away to the steamy Phillipines where another young chap will ask you how long you've had FIOS.  It wil take him 10 minutes to comprehend that you don't have FIOS.  I should mention that all of these people are extremely friendly, extremely incompetent, and extremely apt to defecate themselves if you take them off their call script flow charts.


So, what can you do to get your call logs?  You can ask the FIRST person who answers the billing support call center to send you hard copy of your bill for the past two months.  It takes 2 weeks to arrive by mail.  Apparently, they can't digitize this and email it to you  but have to print it out hard copy.  I'm guessing they have a room full of monks that scribe it from computer screens to parchment to get that far.



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Just to follow-up, I upgraded to digital voice this year and the control is better than Call assistant and Iobi. I recommend it. I had an interesting discussion with the customer support person about a different question and she badgered me into upgrading. I was going to do it anyway and now I am pleased that I did. I hope you all have better luck. 



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Interesting to read that the "call assistant" help desk says that you have to have FIOS in order to get Call Assistant.  I have spent 3 days trying to find out how to order call assistant according to Verison directions.  Finally I was put in touch with the call assistant number to order call assistant.  (888-483-5156).  After a short wait, I was told that "call assistant"  would not work with my FIOS and digital phone.  The agent said that it would only work with the old landlines.  Somebody is not telling the truth.  So some customers are told that they have to FIOS for call assistant and others are told that it will not work with FIOS.  If I were going to offer a free service with no intention of providing it, then I would offer free gold coins.

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