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Verizon Call Assistant

Verizon Call Assistant

Copper Contributor ehagberg
Copper Contributor
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I'm getting phone service via FiOS, but I don't see any control panel that allows me to do call blocking, etc...


Are you saying that's a separate "coming soon" feature set for people who get phone service over FiOS?

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It will be packaged and sold as a new service altogether, and that control panel will only be with FiOS Digital Voice. It's currently available in MD and will be making it's way around through the summer and fall.  It works a lot like VoIP but you won't need to add any new equipment or anything. I know I'm being pretty vague about some of the information but it's a new product and I don't have any links to direct you to. I will have to contact the powers that be if you (the people) are looking for more information.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Here is a link to a Verizon webpage with a little bit of info on FiOS Digital Voice:



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Yeh that's the best link I got, same as justin.  Thanks Justin!

Contributor Jim_P
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Well I am sure disappointed with verizon.  They put up a web page announcing "Call Assistant"  with future features to be added.   A few days ago the future features have been removed from the web page without explanation.  I gather from the previous two post the future featues might sometime show up on the high price FIOS service.  Tomorrow I will be shopping for something that I can use to block calls.  Anybody got any ideas the best way to blocks calls from a known number?  We are elderly and the constant ringing of the phone from advertisers is nerve racking.
Contributor Kutching
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Have you signed up for the National Do Not Call registry? https://www.donotcall.gov/


It does not apply to businesses where you already have accounts (ex: Verizon), but I have found it to be quite effective in reducing general telemarketing calls.   Your registration expires after 3 years, so you will need to re-register every 3 years, but that is a small price to pay to no longer have the phone ringing all evening!


Beyond that, I am brand new to Verizon's digital phone service and am on this forum looking for information about a phone service user guide, if there is one ...



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