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Verizon World Plan 500

Verizon World Plan 500

Contributor emilsalazar
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How to track verizon world plan minutes used

Platinum Contributor II Platinum Contributor II
Platinum Contributor II
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@emilsalazar wrote:

How to track verizon world plan minutes used

@klaydin wrote:

How do I track how many minutes I used in my verizon world plan 500?

Try the MyVerizon website. You should be able to see your usage for that plan right on the main account screen. If not there, it's under a details page for long distance plans.

Contributor mikej0317
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Tracking world Plan Minutes:


I am trying to tack the world plan minutes like everybpody else here. What a joke.

This is what an account representative sent me:


  1. MY VERIZON 2.0

  2. 1.       Sign into My Verizon 2.0

  3. 2.       Click 'Account' in top navigation.

  4. 3.       On Account Overview page scroll down to Home Phone section

  5. 4.       Click 'Plan Details' link.

  6. 5.       Arrive on Home Phone Plan Page where Minutes of Use presentation is present


When I get to step 5, there is NO minutes of USE presentation


Every link on this page takes you out and somewhere else.

Contributor bgb02burns
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Registered: ‎09-20-2011
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Frankly this is just another example how Veris\zon Fios customer service sucks. The tv guide and dvr suck,. I just spent hour apon hour sorting someone messing up my account. Based on the length of the workd plan problems it seems ridiculous that they say you can track and provide links that do not and take you in circles. This is Verison the wireless company surely they can track minutes effectively. This problem is apparently years old. Severly regret signing up for it, only insentive was cel phone calling as part of minutes but if cannot track minut usage kinda waste of time and unless they fix, be cancelling that plan. Cox is so so much more organised only they lack as many channels and internet speeds are not as good. Direct tv has more vale and options for tv but no good internet. Is competition not supposed ot make things better, drop prices. America pays way more for services like Internet and tv than almost everywhere else, phone is just differnt pros and cons. 


Amy other options on fast internet because that the only reason i am still with this useless company with the worst customer service ever. Make Cox look great and they are far from it. 


Ridiculous ways to rip you off, waste your time, make you unhappy.


Seems is some system upgrade coming maybe that fixes that issue or they simple do not want to fix usage tracking. Well verizon it needs fixed or customers get options elsewhere. So many internet companies now amd i use zip dialing that means can call from any phone I set up and have account verified and speed dial my numbers often quicker that direct dialing,. Still have for cell phone but minutes so can call for free and call cell phones worry free if could track minutes. 

Contributor VZTech-Richard
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Registered: ‎03-10-2011
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Per info. I am able to cind, if you go to http://myverizon.com/worldplanminutes and sign in, it will show you how many international/world plan min. you have used. This is only applicable, per the info. I found, if you are a FiOS Digital Voice customer.
Contributor wayne65b
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Registered: ‎11-28-2011
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How do i check my international minuets?

Contributor moin
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I've been searching for this feature too. An alert or email or some way to verify the minutes used. Ppppleeaaseee.

Contributor RKasp
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Registered: ‎12-06-2011
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I see now that this "minute counter" is a real problem for Verizon. That's bad. When I signed up I was glad that I could control the amount of time left within my limit, but now I am disappointed. The representative with whom I had a chat was not able to help. Now I do not know when I will be able to make international calls again, as my minutes are all used up, and no one was able to explain clearly when the next cycle starts. The "my cycle ends" date shown on "My Verizon" home phone page turned out to be nothing - it has passed, but  My Verizon page still shows that the new cycle has not begun yet. That's very unpleasant. I think I will change my long distance provider shortly. I don't like how Verizon works.

Contributor mikej0317
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Registered: ‎07-09-2011
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Verizon is TERRIBLE! Every time I try to find the world plan minues the link that Verizon gives doesn't work!!! I used to have to go through a series of links within Verizon to get to it, but now I can't get there. Instead of putting the link in a place that you can get to it, they put it buried in thier website! TERRIBLE!!!


Contributor overChargCalls
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Registered: ‎12-14-2011
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International callers beware, Verizon website displays a day early billing cycle to trigger you to go above the 500 minutes and thus charge extravagant overage for per minutes call to an international country.

I put an end to Verizon services, phone, internet and TV immediately after they, initially made a bill correction then took no further action for the repeated problem. In the beginning, as a new customer, Verizon referred to there online "minutes usage" website link for the 500 minutes international plan. Use it to track your minutes used :-), but not so fast. After a few months I realized Verizon website displays a day early billing cycle to trigger me to go above the 500 minutes and thus charge extravagant overage for per minutes call to an international country.

Verizon setup to overbill international callers is this. Provide online minutes usage (applicable to 500 minutes international plan) and display end date of bill period a day early of the actual bill period (aka cycle). Thus, the customer, understanding its a new billing cycle, makes international calls the following day, bamboozled, its a new billing cycle blowing past the 500 minute in the plan. :-(

This has been brought to Verizon customer service attention. As a result, they removed erroneous charges once. This occurred again before I realized what is happening. Now Verizon customer service tells me these charges are INTENTIONAL AS I checking the billing cycle online its always ended a day early from what the customer snail mailed bill reports.

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I cut off all business with Verizon, I will not pay for there mistake or scam to siphon $$$ from poor international callers. SPREAD THE WORD!

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