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Verizon anonymous call block question

Verizon anonymous call block question

Contributor TCP
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My anonomous call block doesn't work.  It is a complete disservice to Verizon customers to not have call block and anonomos call block.  We must get 5 to 6 calls a day even though we are on the Do Not Call list!

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Gold Contributor V
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Verizon doesn't control the do-not-call lists.  Those are managed by state and federal agencies.  You can report violations those agencies, however in this age of easy to spoof calleID, it often is pointless to file reports.


If you are receiving calls with anonymous callerID and you have anonymous call block turned on, then you should check with Verizon.  They should not come through and there may be a problem that can be fixed.  If the calls have callerID, even if it is junk, then anonymous call block won't stop them.


If you have FiOS Digital Voice service, check out nomorobo.com.  This free service will zap most annoying calls.


Good Luck.


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Bronze Contributor II
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Get No More Robo.  It is Free!   Sign up at Nomorerobo.com there is no charge, it is free.  The service is outstanding, I too got annoying telemarketers, scamers, etc.  Since I have had this service for the past year,  I get no more unwanted calls.

I agree, The Do Not Call List is useless!

Contributor Larry7887
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   I am constantly getting automated calls.  Do not call has not worked.  I am considering discontinuing my landline service.  I do not get annoying calls on my cell phone.  I have kept my landline for uses in emergency but now if you don't replace the backup battery used with fiber lines emergency service during power outages is not available. 

Copper Contributor JJR-NY
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Something must have happened to nomorerobo.com.  That site (right click on link)  contains only a diatribe against the FTC and a contact form for more info.  Is it safe to submit it?



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The correct url is nomorobo.com

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Bronze Contributor II
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Sorry I posted the wrong link last year for nomorobo.com. This is the correct one nomorobo.com.  I have had this service for 2 years and it is completely free.  It is Outstanding no more unwanted calls! If you are a Senior you need to add this service it is a God Send.  It will just ring 1 time and stop if it is a robocall, etc.  If you happen to get an unwanted call that comes thru, just email the unwanted call's number/numbers to nomorobo.com after you have signed up and have an account, they will add it to their data base. Don't pick your phone up after it just rings once or twice.  Always 1st check to see what number comes up in caller I.D before even answering your phone! If you do not know number don't answer let the voice mail/answering machine pick it up, you can always call the person back. Unfortunately there are alot of Scams Targeting Seniors Today. Be Very Careful Before Picking up That Call From An Unknown Number or Number you do not recognize. You can always Google The Phone Number thats Comes Up to See Who is Calling You From That Particular Number.

Stay Safe!

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