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Verizon gave away our phone number and now can't fix it!!

Verizon gave away our phone number and now can't fix it!!

Contributor suzncroon
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We signed up for Verizon phone and internet about two months ago. We previously had phone and internet with Suddenlink, but it was not available at our new address. We were able to keep our phone number with Verizon. Suddenly, last week, our internet did not work. It took two days to get someone out to fix the problem. When the technician finally arrived, he informed me that someone in Verizon's billing department had "given away" our account to someone else. He did some rewiring and got things working again, telling us that our internet router could only be plugged into one outlet. This wasn't ideal, but we decided we could live with it.


Then, two days ago, we suddenly got some wrong number calls and received a call from an individual who said we now had the same phone number.


My wife works from home. She has to have dependable internet and phone. Unfortunately, it appears that Verizon is our only option, otherwise we would already have switched providers.

Verizon GAVE AWAY our phone number, evidently to a Suddenlink customer. That isn't the worst part. Now, they can't fix it!!! My wife can't satisfactorily work because she is missing incoming phone calls and having to use our cell phone. Horrible, horrible, customer service.


How can you cut someone's phone service and internet....Verizon's MISTAKE....and not even make a great attempt to fix it. I guarantee we will never use Verizon again, if we have a choice, and believe me we are looking at options. In the meantime, how can we get someone here to fix THEIR mistake???


I ran a business for over 25 years, and believe, me, if WE made a mistake, we did WhATEVER it took to fix the problem as quickly as humanly possible and would apologize profusely.  We know mistakes can be made, but Verizon has not shown any effort to fix their mistake or apologize.  Their representative, tonight, said she couldn't even guarantee someone would be out tomorrow.  

If my wife's employment is threatened or impaired by this, we might need to seek legal action.

Contributor suzncroon
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Well, bless my soul....We just received a call on our line and it appears the problem has been fixed, at least temporarily, so I take back part of what I said....IF it stays working.  I would like to hear an apology, somewhere along the line, and perhaps hear how Verizon is going to make this up to us.

Contributor suzncroon
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Well, unbless my soul, again.  The comedy (not so funny, anymore) of errors by Verizon continues with the loss (again) of internet this morning.  My wife spent 2 hours on the phone today and I have spent 1 hour and what we hear from Verizon is they will be out next Wednesday to fix it.  THEIR *&%^*&^&%#$ error and they can't fix it for DAYS???  I will devote as much time as I can to alternatives.  I would have been done with this ridiculous Company a long time ago if we had alternatives, but have not found them, yet.  I have been around a long time and have never seen such poor service.  After we have told the story 50 times to 50 different representatives, we are spent.  Done.  Nothing left. "Let me connect you with.....oh, I can't do that, let me connect you with....do you mind holding on a little while?  You do?  Well, tough luck, buster.  Oops lost the connection we will call you back.  (sure you will)  Customer service, how may I help you?  Oh, we are so sorry to hear that, have you tried rebooting your router?.....blah, blah, blah.....PUKE!   *&^(*&^*&%^&%  

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I'm sorry you are having difficulty with your phone service. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly (by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account) for more information or to help you resolve your issue.”

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Employee Emeritus
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Ggood Afternoon,





Checking to see if the trouble has been resolved?


Kim C






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Contributor mattie1234
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A similar problem happened to us.  It was a nightmare.  I'm not familiar with Suddenlink, but if it is a Voice Over IP provider like Vonage, they do not cooperate.  Both providers blame the problem on each other. 

Contributor MediaMadDog
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Same problem!  I found out this morning that my phone number of over 15 years had been given to someone else by Verizon.  They are the provider of the number and 8x8 provides the VOIP service.  In over four hours of phone conversations with both Verizon and 8x8, I've received many apologies but no satisfaction.  8x8 says my phone number will be restored in 3 business days, Verizon gives no such guarantee.  Neither party owns up to having made a mistake.  Verizon claims they would never have given away the number if 8x8 hadn't released it.  8x8 claims they never released the number.  The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has referred me to the Bureau of Consumer Protection in the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office.  I hope that I don't have to resort to legal action.

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Hi MediaMadDog,


Please go to your profile page for the forum by clicking on your name, and look at the top of the middle column where you will find an area titled "My Private Support Cases".  There you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

Employee Employee
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Sorry. We seem to have missed you over on your Private Support case. We hope you were able to find resolution to your issue.

Feel free to make a new post, if you still need some assistance. We're available around the clock for support.


Ali Adam

Contributor thisisbad
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Had my stepsons name taken off bill and put in my name.

Installed new boxes and services instead of my old number they gave me a NEW number.

How much should they payme for taking my number I have had for years

Very Very diissatisfied with Verizon.


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