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Voice Mail not Picking Up

Voice Mail not Picking Up

Contributor csttrs
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My voice mail often does not pick up - in other words the phone just rings and rings and the caller never gets sent to my voice mail.  Verizon has "reset" my voicemail, which did not solve the problem.  When I complained again, I was told that this happens when the voicemail system is overloaded and does not have enough capacity to handle all the incoming calls, and the problem will be solved only when, and if, Verizon expands the system's capacity.


My question for forum users, is whether others have experienced this.  If indeed its a system capacity issue, I would expect the problem to be widespread.


As an otherwise satified Verizon customer who relies on voicemail, I find this frustrating and unacceptable.  (One person called at three different times over the course of a day and the voicemail didn't pick-up on any of the calls).  

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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is it unique to just that caller or when you try calling does it not go to vm.


does it always happen on all calls or just some calls?


If all calls, it sounds like it's not set up properly to forward the calls to vm on busy or ring no answer.


if it is random, then it could be capacity, but it is highly unlikely.  


I've never heard of it before...it either works or it doesn't.


Just confirming some basics-is this landline or wireless?   Fios or not?   Any changes made to your account recently?

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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You are not alone. I just called because my father's VM stopped working (phone rings on without sending to VM) to be told they had to rebuild the VM and they needed my father's permission to do it. Smiley Indifferent I'll have him call, but till then I'll just dust off my old V-Tech answering machine and use that. 😛


I miss GTE!

Contributor csttrs
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Registered: ‎05-15-2009
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Sorry for my in delay in responding.  I've been out of town (after buying an answering machine to take messages while I was gone).


- VM fails to pick up about 1/3 of time, from a variety of incoming calls.


- I have a FIOS landline, with no changes to my account, other than having VM reset when the problem first occured (which did not solve the problem)


Since there has been little response to my intial post, I assume it's not a capacity issue.  I guess I'll inititate another trouble report.

Copper Contributor johnritch
Copper Contributor
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I just got FIOS yesterday and now my voicemail doesn't pick up.  What do I do now?
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