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Voicemail service problems:

Voicemail service problems:

Device: Home telephone servi
Plan: Verizon Freedom Plan
Location: Fresh Meadows, NY
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Hi there.


I'd love to know how many other people out there in the NYC area - and possibly throughout Verizon's network - have been experiencing Voicemail problems. I've had issues on both lines in my home, and about a dozen of my customers - I'm a computer/telephone consultant in the NYC area.


Problem #1 - Strange noises, loud long BEEP with fuzz/noise when you call the voicemail system - either directly - (areacode) 380-1138 - or by using a home/business telephone to automatically access voicemail. Also, when others leave messages, they are frequently over-written with the loud continuous BEEP and fuzz/noise. Over half of my messages don't get through. This has been going on for almost 2 years! I put in a Public Services Commission ticket, escalated it, but nothing ever came of it. I think I'll put in another one. Because it's not just me, it can't be fixed. It's some issue with the main switch in Virginia according to my escalation personnel.


Problem #2 - happening for the past few months now...the voicemail system either doesn't answer at ALL - never picks up - or it doesn't recognize the number I'm dialing from, so I have to enter my number. Along with this issue...when others call me, voicemail answers and just asks them to enter the number they wish to reach, instead of my voicemail message. Again, this has been happening for several hours at a time, EVERY day for several months now.





I'm using 718-380-1138 to dial from my home phones, but ANYONE who calls my home phone numbers experiences problem #1 and #2 about 50% of the time. I have missed dozens of voicemail messages because of this and the only thing repair will tell me is to disconnect all of my phones from the line and see if it still happens. Of course, it still happens because it's not a local phone line problem!!


Can anyone help with these issues? I don't know who to escalate to. My next choice is to switch to cable as the local provider options are now gone. Or...just stop using Verizon voicemail.


Thank you.




Larry Seltzer

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I have had the 2nd problem you describe: the voicemail system either doesn't answer at ALL or doesn't recognize the number I'm dialing from.  I've noticed it a few times in the past month.  Voicemail is not picking up tonight, so I called support and entered a complaint via the automated service.  We'll see if anything gets fixed.


I have not been impressed with Voicemail since Verizon changed systems earlier in this year. The audio quality is terrible, and now the service is unreliable.  I may have to go back to my answering machine!


VB in MA

Device: local and wireless
Plan: FiOS
Location: Havertown, PA
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For about a month there was a problem with a circuit causing intermittent problems with calls being handled properly  -- the voice mail system not picking up, callers had to re-enter the number they called, or subscribers had to put in their mailbox number before their passcode.  There was also a problem with noise.  That circuit has been replaced and extensive testing done.  It should be working fine now.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience.  If you have any further problems, please put in a repair ticket.

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