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Warning 877 502 2874 Scam Call from caller ID Verizon

Warning 877 502 2874 Scam Call from caller ID Verizon

Contributor Lurker_L
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Just a warning there is a scam call going around that looks to come from Caller ID Verizon. The number is from 877 502 2874. The message they leave sound exactly like Verizon's automated caller when you have an appointment for service.


The call claims that your telephone service is being transferred to another provider and that your internet/TV is not going to change. And to call them back if it is a mistake.


It fooled me when I heard the message the first time and logged in to my account to make sure it wasn't actually happening. It really sounds that good. So just be sure not to call them back. I now blocked the number.


You would think the Verizon themselves would block any calls claiming to be from Verzion when the phone number doesn't match one of their own official ones.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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There doesn’t appear to be that many calls listed at the scam sites. The last i found was December 2018 but there many be other listings. 

Contributor Terps
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This is exactly the information I am looking for, now I can preemtively block phone numbers provided by other Verizon customers in Verizon Digital Voice. We can now block 200 phone numbers which is probably adequate if we can just figure out which 200 to block. Don't know if it was a scammer because I never answer the phone.

If we work together maybe we can fight back. It seems that when they figure out they are being "blocked" they eventually stop calling.

Today as of 3:49 PM I have not received or blocked one (1) phone number. The system seems to be working. If anyone has any better ideas please share them.

Contributor Terps
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We can't identify and share phone numbers to block on this forum.

Still doing it the hard way and maintaining a spreadsheet to keep me organized.

The system is working, I am getting significantly fewer phone calls than before.

The Call Logs feature of AOL works great for my blocked phone numbers, my phone doesn't ring and the phone number goes to the Call Log so I can make sure the number stays blocked. A lot of the old phone call numbers never call again so I have plenty of numbers to delete to use the space for new numbers. When I get the date a number was blocked for all of the phone numbers in my list I will be able to intelligently be able to remove old numbers. There doesn't seem to be a lot of enthusiasm for this topic on this forum. So as per usual I muddle along and make up my own solutions, right, wrong or indifferent. At least the Moderator is paying attention which is good, need somebody to keep me out of trouble. I welcome any Moderator comments which will help me resolve my "bothersome phone call problem".

Contributor Terps
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎08-01-2019
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The call blocking system is working really well. Every now and then someone will call from a new phone number and I add them to my blocked call list. The scammers seem to recognize I am blocking their calls so they call from a different phone number. No problem I just block that number also. Since there is absolutly no chatter on this blog I assume everybody is doing their own thing and blocking unwanted phone calls.


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