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We are getting ripped off.

We are getting ripped off.

Contributor gettingrobbed
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Lets face it, {please keep your posts courteous}.  The largest bill in the house aside from rent is the "cable bill."

The government gave these Co. Permission to charge what they want.

What sense is it that it cost more money to remove a service, then to add one?  Why is it if you are a customer of a cable co., for over a year, your cost goes up.

A new customer will get a reward and a better rate for one year.

It is insane an it is our own government that is letting this happen.

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Television is a luxury, not a necessity. You don't like the bill, don't buy the product. Or scale back what you're buying. Either way, it's a pretty easy solution. 

Copper Contributor iambatman2
Copper Contributor
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Right, but if you try to scale back the offerings from FIOS, they actually try to charge you more.



Gold Contributor II
Gold Contributor II
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@gettingrobbed wrote:
A new customer will get a reward and a better rate for one year.

New customers have a choice: a month to month contract with rising rates or a longer term contract with a guaranteed rate.  The reward they get is for agreeing to remain a customer for a fixed time. Many businesses (including local brick and mortar stores) give rewards for bringing business to them. In my opinion, it is unreasonable to expect a company to give customers that same discount every time they buy something.


Perhaps some don't read what they are agreeing to. I do. When I signed a 2 year contract with Verizon, I knew up front that my bill would increase in 6 months, again after 1 year, and again after 2 years. I even knew the amount. Nothing was hid or in the fine print. I have no complaints with the pricing.



Copper Contributor unix_kid
Copper Contributor
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This isn't an issue related to Verizon, or any specific company. It's the whole industry, with it's massive profits from cable TV.


I personally live in the city, so there is more competiton amongst providers and generally lower prices. However, this isn't true for those whom live in rural areas, who usually pay more to recieve less.


I also agree wtih TV service being a luxury. I don't need TV service. It's nice to have, though. My own problem is with the outragous pricing of internet packages with ISPs in general. If internet service is $99 a month, I better be getting gigabit service.


Hopefully Google Fiber creates more competition, and fair pricing in the US. At least, that's my hope. As Google Fiber isn't available in my area, FiOS was the next best bet. They can easily scale up their network once they are pressured to do such (and therefore increase speeds). 





Contributor macman92
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You must a verizon employee.  Knowing waht the small print is one, every company plays that game.  The truth is that when you constantly advertise a rate to atttact "new" customers that means two things.  There is a migration of customers leaving FIOS or that is the actual price and you lure customers in to "bait" them and later "switch" to a higher price when it becomes inconvenant to the customer to leave.  It is a old trick that Verizon, the old  ma "Bell" company trying to act that they are better when it is apparent that there is no conpetition.  Keep ripping people off, that is what you do well.  And to all the Verizon employee on this forum, stop!  It should for customers only to vent.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Welcome to Verizon...

Contributor Misstifed
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Actually no.  I did scale back and they increased the price for equipment so now I’m to lay $30 more.  Then I tried to eliminate tv and just get phone which. I must have where I live and internet and it reduced the bill by $20.   So I’m going to find a phone provider and a,up the rest of it.  

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