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What Prefixes Are Included In My Local Calling Area?

What Prefixes Are Included In My Local Calling Area?

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I am in the former GTE service territory, specifically, the Elsinore Main California exchange.

On Friday, December 11, 2009, I spoke with a service representative and a supervisor (who admitted that she was "filling-in" and is really an hourly employee), who are in the soon to be divested Everett, WA call center.

I was calling to find out what prefixes are included as part of my local calling area, specifically ZUM 1 AND ZUM 2 (some also call it Zone 1 and Zone 2, but the correct designation in most southern California service areas of Verizon is ZUM).

Both representatives had no idea what a "ZUM" is, and the "supervisor" said she had never heard of the term ZUM or Zone.

What made me upset is that I was told that they (Verizon) did not have this information, and I would have to contact the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) to obtain this information as Verizon's staff would not have it.

My reply was how would Verizon not have the information, because they would need the ZUM prefix list for each exchange so they could bill correctly.

I then asked how does Verizon gather all the calls that are made from their exchanges each month and send this data to the CPUC so that Verizon can then determine if the call is ZUM 1, ZUM 2, ZUM 3 or intralata or interlata?

The "supervisor", said yes, because Verizon would not know what prefixes are included, and relies upon the CPUC to review the calls from Verizon's exchanges and prefixes so that Verizon can bill their customers each month, and this has been the process for many years (according to the "supervisor").

I kid you not, this what was said to me by the Verizon representatives, and I shoulld have advised the employees that I was recording the call. It would have been a great play for You Tube. What a bunch of (edit)  from these two Verizon call center representatives!

I'm glad Verizon is divesting the Everett call center along with other assets to Frontier, as people like these should not be employed by Verizon, in fact, they should be terminated for cause. Good luck to Frontier with the Everett call center.

Using Verizon's web site when trying to determine what prefixes are in my local calling area (ZUM 1 AND ZUM 2), you are directed to use the following two "very helpful" (my links for information...please try for yourselves:

To obtain Local Calling Area information


Zone Usage Measurement (ZUM) Information

Great Information Verizon!! Both are dead links.

Anyway, point me in the direction where I can obtain the current and accurate prefixes that can be called without charge to ZUM 1 and ZUM 2, and with a charge to ZUM 3 for my exchange and prefixes. DO NOT point me to a white pages directory because that is already outdated (and I do not have a white pages directory).

Again, my exchange is Elsinore Main, and the prefixes are 951-245 and 951-674.

Thank you.

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Home Exchange, Zone 1 and 2 are Local Calling
Zone 3 (ZUM) 13-16 Miles:
                          1st Min of Use       Addl Min of Use
                               $.10                          $.04
                               $.07                          $.028
                               $.04                          $.016


COMMUNITY ---NPA ---NXX ---ZONE  -----


ELSINORE ---951 --- 226 245 253 285 471 579 609 674 678 805 --- Home Exch

LAKEVIEW-NUEVO --- 909 --- 251 --- Zone 3

LAKEVIEW-NUEVO --- 951 --- 878 916 928 --- Zone 3

MURRIETA --- 909 ---3 32 --- Zone 2

MURRIETA --- 951 --- 200 219 239 249 304 440 445 461 473 600 671 677 691 696 698 704 813 816 834 837 894 970 973 ---Zone 2

PERRIS --- 909 --- 330 --- Zone 2

PERRIS --- 951 --- 210 229 230 238 259 287 345 378 385 436 442 443 490 550 570 575 581 591 623 657 722 796 940 943 956 --- Zone 2

RANCHO VIEJO --- 949 --- 259 269 284 292 303 326 350 446 480 584 625 702 728 874 --- Zone 3

SUN CITY --- 909 ---508--- Zone 1

SUN CITY --- 951 --- 244 246 301 566 639 672 679 723 746 821 --- Zone 1

TEMECULA --- 909 --- 298 507 668 828 --- Zone 3

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TEMECULA --- 951 --- 216 225 234 240 252 265 294 296 302 303 308 326 375 491 501 506 514 526 541 551 553 587 595 676 693 694 695 699 719 757 760 764 770 775 795 852 914 972 --- Zone 3

TEMESCAL CANYON --- 951 --- 277 603 638 667 ---Zone 3

WOODCREST --- 909 --- 691 --- Zone 3

WOODCREST --- 951 --- 215 398 565 776 780 789 901 --- Zone 3

Anything OUTSIDE of those calling areas WILL BE Local Toll or Long Distance Charges!

Hope this helps!! ^_^


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800-888-8448 - order a new directory for free!


So you can see your entire calling area local toll and all.


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Misplace Dreamer:


Thank you for obtaining the information as to the prefixes that are located in ZUM1, ZUM2 and ZUM3 for my local calling area. It is very much appreciated.


As far as the white pages directory, I thought Idearc (the Verizon spin-off) is bankrupt and that Verizon was or is bidding out it's directory business to other vendors?


At any rate, the directory option as I stated in my original post is not what I am looking for as more often than not when the directory is printed, new prefixes are added to the local calling area.


The fact remains is that Verizon Telecom staff is to have this information available through their residential call centers, and that was a failure. The web site links do not work, and as of today still do not work.


On Monday, December 14, 2009, I spoke directly with a staff analyst at the CPUC who informed that the prefix list for ZUM 1, ZUM 2 and ZUM 3 are to be readily available from the incumbent wireline carrier. Legally, that means available at one of their designated offices. In practicality, it's available over the phone from the wireline company, and via their website. The CPUC employee put me in contact with a Verizon employee at their California headquarters in Thousand Oaks, and I was given the information you have provided here. The CPUC said I could file a formal complaint about the employees in Everett, but he offered a quicker resolution to my problem.


I relayed my concern to the Verizon California headquarters staff person that the ZUM information was not available from the soon to be divested call center in Everett, Washington and nor from the links on the Verizon web site. The links did not work for the Verizon employee either, but she offered no resolution to fix the website, other than to provide the prefix list to me over the telephone.



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Misplacedreamer,   where was that information obtained?  is it available on the net?

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idk ab the Everett location but i know the Ohio office definitely has access to that information.


If you would like to state/ file a complaint, call into a center and ask for a supervisor.

They can grab the ID code of the rep you spoke with and maybe further educate them on what the proper procedure/protocol is for ZUM area calling, etc.



if you need anything else, just let me know.


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The links that GTE_GTE provided are invalid. The question is, where can one find zoning information? I was charged for calling in a zone on my last bill, but nowhere does it specify on the bill (or on this website as far as I can tell) where zone 2 is, what number was called, etc. Where can I reference this information?

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