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What is going on with Verizon service?

What is going on with Verizon service?

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I can not believe how long I have to wait for service on my residential line. It has no dial tone. They stated that it would take 6 days to have a technician come out to repair it. Is this normal? Would it be different if I had FIOS?

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I received the same response - called on 10/4/10 with no dial tone in Westchester and told that phone service would be restored by 10/12/10 - 8 days after the call. Clearly,  Verizon is failing to provide any decent level of service. I have called the Public Service Commission and I suggest you do the same.

Location: Richmond, VA
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Same here!  I am in Richmond, VA.  I reported my land line was out with no dial tone on Friday, October 1st.  I was given a service date of October 12th.  I called the repair line twice and both representatives were rude and condescending, the last one telling me "you have to understand there were bad storms in your area last week and we are very backlogged in dispatching repair persons."  First off, NO, I DON'T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND anything.  I am a paying customer, and you are providing a service.  The simple truth is I doubt they are cancelling even ONE of their new FIOS installations to get to our "repairs", as we don't really matter anymore.  We are the little people.  Also, land lines have become so unimportant to phone companies.  Verizon is just too big now.  I find it totally unacceptable.  Also, have you noticed how there is NO DELAY in getting out your cut off notice if you are 1 day past due???   Whom do I contact at the Public Service Commision?  I need a number, as Verizon does not want to listen.



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Same thing with me in New York.  Lost dial tone on Monday, September 4th.  They tell me I won't be restored until September 15th.  Who are they kidding?  Goodbye Verizon, hello cable provider.

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Same here. We lost our dial tone last Thursday. Called and scheduled a repair for Friday between 8am and 8pm. No show and no call from tech. Called again and scheduled for Saturday. Window of 8:00 am and 5:30 pm. Again no call and no tech. Received a recorded call from Verizon "apologizing" that someone would be out Monday between 8:00 am and 8:00pm. Unfortunately We had plans on Monday so we were not able to be home. Verizon of course showed up while we were gone.


Last year we had our DSL go out. They had us going back and forth to buy several new routers. They didn't work. Then Verizon sent us the wrong one. While all of this back and forth was going on, time was taken off work to meet with the tech who couldn't fix the problem. In the end, it was discovered that it had to do with a change in Verizon service (not our equipment at all). There was a code that internally had to be changed by Verizon in order to get our DSL back. This same problem happened that same time frame to a local bank. They were without internet for 3 days and couldn't process customer transactions.


So------I don't know if it will be better, but today we ordered Cable and the end cost will save us $84 a month.


Goodbye Verizon.

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