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What's the difference between "network upgrade" and FiOS?

What's the difference between "network upgrade" and FiOS?

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I've been refusing to switch to FiOS because they tell me the cost will be so much lower for the next 12 months, but they won't tell me anything about what it will cost after that. I expect to live much longer than the next 12 months, and I want to know, for instance, will it still be cheaper than a copper loop after the 12 months?


I recently got a letter saying from Verizon saying they're sorry if I've been inconvenienced by the "landline service issues in [my] area" (I have not) and they "need to transition" my copper loop to fiber optics. They're asking me to schedule an appointment. My bill will not change (thank you for that much information).


Question 1: Will I get the same technology as FiOS? For instance, optional high capacity digital services?

Question 2: Will I get the same service as on copper? For instance, fax reliability. I know I will have to supply power.

Question 3: Do I have a choice? For instance, what will happen if I don't schedule an appointment?

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Moving from standard phone service to Digital Voice offers many benefits. 


1.  More features and functionailty.  FIOS Digital Voice comes with many features such as simultaneous ring, forwarding, call logs, do not disturb etc.  If the phone service should go out there is a back up number that can be set (for example a cell phone) which all calls will go to.  Other features are config voice mail, if you have Fios TV you will get Caller ID on the TV.  There are others features I have not listed.


2.  The taxes associated with Digital Voice is much less than with POTS line. 


3.  If bundled with other FIOS services there are significant savings.


4.  Digial Voice offers a better quality phone line with FIOS Fiber Optics vs. the old copper lines.  Faxing works fine, I know I fax a few times a month without issue.


5.  Digital Voice does require some equipment to be installed in your home and thus power is required to be provided to this device.  There is a battery backup that comes with it and thus you can get about 8 hours of backup time.  After that the phone will stop working.  There is the ability to set a back up number in case of service distruption which will send all calls to a designated number. 


Contributor Marty39
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Thanks, jumpin68ny, but I'm not sure I understand your answer. What do you mean by "standard phone service"? Verizon is telling me that after the "network upgrade" I will get my standard phone service on a fiber optic loop. Are you comparing FiOS with copper loop, or with standard phone service on a fiber optic loop? I want to know the difference between FiOS and -- what should I call it? FiberPOTS?

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Even on fios they have both a "pots" type service and a VOIP (Fios Digital Voice) service.  They are trying to push all FIOS users on renewal to Fios Digital Voice. 


For some locations, apparently yours, they are retiring copper in favor of the fiber optic loop you are mentioning.


The basic plan you would be on should stay the same, but you now have some of the problems and advantages as FIOS users for your phone. Need for battery backup, but clearer connection from you house to the CO and therefore, hopefully, a better phone connection.

Contributor Jimmca
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What are the dimensions of the battery back-up unit that they install when they put in the fiber optic line?

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Go here to learn about Batteries




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