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Without service AGAIN & no repair for a week??

Without service AGAIN & no repair for a week??

Contributor FinalStraw
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I have no dial tone and cannot make or receive calls. After going through an automated service that checked my line,

they told me it was w the line & earliest repair appt was in a WEEK and someone MUST be home. This is a rediculous amount of time. Can anyone tell me why this has to take so long? Is anyone else having this issue? Is't verizon supposed to notify us about an interupt of service?  My phone service is poor to say the least with lots of background noise more often than not.  Just 5 months ago I was also without service for over a week- Neither one of these instances are storm-related- this is NOT a case of broad range outages like Sandy storm. It is ONLY ME -neighbors are fine.  I don't get many vacation days & this means TWO will be used this year for Verizon..  What further upsets me is that the last time the repairman fixed it from the pole- did NOT need to enter my home. AND the incoming "box" is in my garage which the repairman could access without me being home as well...  

Their prices are constantly increasing and expected to be paid so why shouldn't we get the service that we pay for?  Having my phone line fixed in a timely manner so I can use it would be nice. Is this just a ploy to get me to switch to FIOS?  I seriously wonder.  SORRY VERIZON- any switching I do will be to another provider...


Contributor Rusalka
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I'm having the same problem!

I just came home, and both my handsets are showing "LIne in Use", but nobody is using it! I can't make and receive calls.

I checked the line through veizon website, there appears to be a problem with the line. And the appointment for the fix, the nearest one, is available in one week! it's crazy!

I've been with verizon for a couple of months now... I've never in my life had such issues, when a company leaves me totally helpless without any promise of resuming services soon. No agent on the phone, no customer support, nothing!

Contributor Rusalka
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We don't live in the same house with the previous poster, and the problem is definitely NOT in our homes, but somewhere on the line. Why do they want us to stay out of work waiting for a technician in ONE WEEK from now, instead of just checking their line and updating us on what is being done?


I just called verizon agent, she said the only thing I can do is to call them again tomorrow morning after 8 am. They will call a dispatcher to see if somebody can come to my house earlier than December 30th. Why to my house again?! I work every day except official holidays, they gonna tell me to take day off specially to wait for the useless technician when they experience the general line problem, which IS NOT LOCATED IN MY HOME. It's so hard to understand!

Copper Contributor jsk2
Copper Contributor
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Did you try plugging a phone into the Network Interface Device (NID)?  This is a box, usually on the outside of your house right before the phone line enters your house.  


If you experience the same problems when plugged directly into the NID, then it is Verizon's issue and you shouldn't need to be home in order for them to fix the problem (unless the NID is inside of your home).  They should be able to verify the problem has been fixed by plugging into the NID.


If you don't experience the problems at the NID, then the problem is with something inside of your house (i.e. the wiring or one of your phones).  Unless you have the gardian service, you will have to pay to have this fixed.  You might want to unplug all of your phones and try one phone at a time to see if it is one of your phones.

Copper Contributor Fltmedic
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In October our phone got severe static, internet drops out intermittently - Verizon stated it was our phone in the  house - so we replaced it.  This did not solve the problem at all.


Finally on December 23rd they admitted the line running from the pole to the house is bad- which I told them was the problem in the first place due to the squirrels who chew on the lines all of the time.  Now they fail daily to show up to make the repair...never call to advise us, just miss the appointment and post a new date on their on-line system.


Wish I could pay my bill the way they provide service...just keep moving the date back until they feel like showing up...and I've been their customer for  24 years at this locaton!


Hello Time Warner!

Contributor Tweetybird
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Join the club!! I live in a rural area where cell service is not available. So I have to rely on my Verizon land line as my only means of telephone communication.  Our service goes dead---no dial tone---repeatedly.  Can't make or receive calls or retrieve messages.  It's a thirteen mile drive into town to be able to use a phone.  My service went dead yesterday.  And when do they say they'll fix it?  NOT 'TIL JANUARY 2---FIVE DAYS LATER!!!!!!!!!!  It would be nice if they'd just get the problem fixed once and for all by upgrading the lines in our area.  Ya, right, what are the chances of that happening?

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Go to your state public utilties website and file an on-line complaint



Bronze Contributor I
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Trust me, you're not alone...


Anyone who holds on to landline service where FIOS is available will be stongarmed to FIOS or another company's service.

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