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blocking incoming calls

blocking incoming calls

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Robot Mad

Is there a way to block some phone #'s from calling my home phone???????

Location: New Jersey
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Yes, you can use *60 to use it.
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How do use *60? After the call comes in? Do you have to manually enter all number you want blaocked? Is there a way to use the caller ID function to block?
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I still have not figured out how to block certain #' from calling my phone.
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*60 (Call Block) is the easiest way to block an incoming caller, however to my understanding only local, landline numbers can be blocked with *60. To use it, simply dial *60 and follow the prompts. But call Verizon first to set up a monthly subscription or you will be charged per use charges which can really add up.

A really great option which I have on my landline phone is called Do Not Disturb. You can make a list of up to 15 phone numbers which are the only people who can get through to you when you have DND turned on. (You can turn it on and off anytime you want through an 800 number.) NO other calls, including telemarketers, "unavailable" numbers, etc. can get through. If you have home voice mail you can choose to send the blocked calls to your voice mail so they can leave a message. Otherwise they will get a recording saying "The party you are calling does not wish to be disturbed at this time." There are also two other rejection messages you can choose.

Also you can choose a 4 digit pin to give to people you want to be able to get through but I have never used that option; I just put them on the "allowed numbers" list.

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I just posted a similar thread before finding this one. I tried using *60, with no luck. The web site says that

Call Block is no longer available to new customers. Don't know when that cutoff happened, but I definitely

had the feature included with my bundle for Caller ID some years ago. I left Verizon for a couple of

years and returned about 4 years ago and have been using the Freedom Essentials package since then.

I notice now, that they make no mention of Call Block in that package.

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*60 requires to have a call block feature on your phone, which is additional 5$.  I wouldn't mind spending that but this feature doesn't block some business lines and, what's more important for me - does not block calls made from a cell phone.


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Location: USA
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You could try the feature Call Intercept. This feature screens private and unavailable numbers, but it also lets you create a blocked numbers list which works just like *60 but is better because it can hold more #'s and can block more types of calls. The catch to this is that you must already subscribe to Caller ID and then the Call Intercept is an additional monthly charge. Call Intercept's block list does include cell phone numbers and business lines.
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Location: USA
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P.S.   Be sure to ask if the Call Intercept service in your area includes the Blocked Numbers List feature as it may not in all areas.
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