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buzzing /humming sound

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buzzing /humming sound

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The sound is so bad we dont use the phone , we have dsl (new wireless modem told old one was the issue) no better ...all new filters and one new cheap wire phone. other phones are panasonic dect 6.0.   all our utilities are underground and the phone jack in my garage must be from the 60's . its a 2 post unit with plastic type base and a ground wire to it and the wire coming thru the wall, there must be 20 to 25 different colors  to it . We did a have a problem with no dial tone if kitchen phone was plugged in so we dont use it . I also think my dsl could be faster if connection was better . all the forums talk about goto box outside and try that jack  I DONT EVEN HAVE ONE OF THOSE BOXES!!!!

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Re: buzzing /humming sound

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The box they are referring to is the telephone junction box. Somewhere all the phone lines in your house converge to one place. Its at that junction point who ever your telephone provider is hooks up to. Everyone has that or only 1 telephone jack would work in the house. It's in that box where you would find the jack they are talking about testing. If you need further assistance please send me a private message.


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Re: buzzing /humming sound

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Sounds like the wiring disasters I help people correct in older homes around here. You have to have some sort of NID inside or outside of your home as Anthony pointed out to check the phone out with a corded phone. If you cannot test at the NID and cannot wire up a jack and disconnect your home's wiring temporarily, it's best to ask Verizon to come out and install a NID for troubleshooting purposes.


Once you're connected at the NID though, if any humming or poor voice quality is found, it's up to Verizon to fix it. If the problem proves to be inside of your home, I would start considering checking out the wiring by first starting at the jack for your kitchen, and disconnect it (both wires!) from the rest of the home at the point where the rest of your wiring meets up with the NID and then repair it. In addition, look for any damaged cabling, and any wire pairs that are only partially connected (which can cause this problem with ease). Wiring that goes to the DSL modem should be replaced with new CAT3 twisted pair cabling, and damaged wiring should be removed and replaced with newer, CAT3 cabling as well.


Once you find the source of humming, if it is on your end, voice quality should improve a ton. DSL service will follow, so do not mess with the DSL what so ever. Focus only on the Voice Service.

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Re: buzzing /humming sound

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 Sorry been busy with other issues . Thank you for the help there is no box outside or inside. I will call and hope get someone helpful that can help me get one . Do you know does this require someone home? Also my dsl line now is just a phone cord/wire no ends on it, from garage to jack in bedroom and if I remember I used the supplied wire from jack to modem.      So are you saying I should use cat 3 wire from garage to jack in bedroom ? And cat 3 wire to other jacks to be safe ? So many questions thank you for your help and input.  

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