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call forwarding instead of voicemail

call forwarding instead of voicemail

Contributor swen
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Is there any way to set up call forwarding so it goes to my cell INSTEAD of voicemail? In other words, if I'm at home, I'll pick up the phone, but if I go out, I want it to just ring through, like it would for voicemail, but instead of voicemail, I want it to go to my cell phone.


Is this possible?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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There is such a thing as call forward no answer.  The call will automatically forward to your cell phone after four(?) rings.  Or, I have call forward on my phone and when I go out I press *72 (on the regular phone), listen for the dial tone, dial in the cell number, pick up on the cell phone when it rings, hang up after about five seconds, and call forwarding is in place.  To disconnect it, when you return home, pick up the phone to hear the dial tone, press *73, you will hear three beeps, and the calls are no longer forwarded.

As usual as with anything with Verizon, you will have to pay for these services (no free anything with verizon!).

Contributor wjcarpenter
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After you do the *72 forwarding, how many times does your home phone ring before going off to the forwarded number?  I'm trying to find a Verizon feature that will do the forwarding immediately, but so far no joy.  (Oh, I've read fragmentary descriptions of such things on verizon.com, but as far as I can see it's just fiction.)


Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Call Forwarding No Answer is generally associated with Home Voice Mail. It would be interesting to know if it could be used to forward calls to a cell phone as you have suggested.


If you use *72 your home phone will only ring one time at most before the call is forwarded. In some cases it will not even give one full ring before forwarding,  If you want something that will forward the call immediately use *72. Call Forwarding No Answer requires a ring count before the call is forwarded.



Contributor vzfios
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Depending on your region / area. Verizon can add a feature to your phone to forward the call after x amount rings. In some areas you can have it set to 4,6, or even 8 rings. But, you will need to speak with the Sales department to place an order for that.


Since you are not interested in VM I would recomend you have them remove it from your account also. Although you may set the ring to 4 and the VM to 8 to ensure the VM does not pick up its better to remove it to prevent possible issues in the future.


Also, using *73 will give you instant forwarding as in less then a ring or two.


I use to have the *73 feature and paid the monthly fee and simply spoke to someone to set the ring at 4. That way if I am was at home I would pick up the phone and when I left I did not have to force my self to remember to set it up. 


Hope you find the package and the system that works best for your needs.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I just saw that coming soon you would be able to control your call forwarding from the Verizon Call Assistant. That's nice, as long as you have access to a computer when you need to do this. It would be really nice if Verizon would get this feature setup where it could be accessed remotely from any phone like AT&T has had available for the past 20 years.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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In general most land-line (variable) Call Forwarding (*72) activation affects ALL calls to the land-line number and will  immediately forward the call to the variable number (cell or other land-line).  When the call setup initially attempts to connect to the land-line that is forwarded, that land-line receives a 'ring ping' of 1/2 second duration --intended to be a reminder that the land-line is (still) forwarded.  The calling person hears only normal ringing, since the call is immediately directed (sic forwarded) to the alternate number.



In general, Call Forwarding Busy or Call Forwarding Don't Answer for a land-line is reserved for use with phone company provided voicemail.


Call Forwarding Busy or Call Forwarding Don't Answer is NOT available for most (residential) land-lines.  That feature may be available to certain business land-lines (aka CENTREX) on a subscription basis.


Call Forwarding Busy or Call Forwarding Don't Answer may be available for cellular lines (*71).  I have Verizon cell service and routinely keep my cell phone Call Forwarded Busy or Call Forwarded Don't Answer to my home (land-line) phone.  When I am home the cell is turned off --any calls to my cell number are then directed (forwarded) to my home land-line.  When I leave the house, I simply turn on my cell phone and calls to my cell number are then directed my cell phone.  NOTE: if I am using the cell phone and a call comes in (via call waiting) and I ignore it, it will then forward (busy) to my home land-line --note to cell phone voicemail.


In all cases (land-line or cell) *73 cancels the forwarding.


Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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In my market Dallas, I can use either 72# or *72 to forward.   Why or which one should I use?  Again no one at Verizon seems to know how to answer this.


Secondly, my home phone does not always give me the 1/2 ring at the beginning of a forwarded call. 


No explaination from Verizon as to why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work.


Very frustrating.

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