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can verizon track down why we get so many misdialed calls to our number?

can verizon track down why we get so many misdialed calls to our number?

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Within the last year or so, the number of calls we're getting that are misdialed has become ridiculous. We get more "wrong numbers" than real phone calls, and it seems to me that there must be some illegal activity going on behind them.


These calls are always from people whose caller id names show up as being Hispanic, and most of the time if we don't answer within a couple rings, they hang up before the answering machine even gets to pick up. And on the occasions when we do pick up quickly, they either hang up immediately or are clearly surprised that we answer in English. The few-ring hangup makes me wonder if our number is close to some popular drug-dealer - why else would people hang up if they don't get an answer by the 3rd ring?


While I'd rather not have to change my number, I'd at least like someone at Verizon to see if they can figure out who these people are really trying to call, and maybe let the intended recipient know their "friends" aren't so good at getting in touch with them... and potentially getting the authorities involved if there's something illegal being carried on. Or maybe get the intended recipient of these calls a new number (assuming they are also with Verizon) if I've had my number longer than theirs.


Or should I just take to "mis-dialing" the phone numbers I'm getting in my caller-id log and hanging up on them, randomly, at all odd hours like they've been doing to us?

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You can call Vz Unlawful Call Center at 1-800-518-5507. There you will be able to find out what Vz can do to help you get rid of these calls. This is likely only open during business hours.


Hope this helps.

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You may also want to look into getting a monthly subscription to *60 (Call Block), which lets you completely block up to 6 local landline numbers from ever ringing through to your phone.


If the calls are not from local landline #'s another good optional feature is Do Not Disturb.

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