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customer service sucks

customer service sucks

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how in the hell do you get a real person or a phone number to call. I regret the day I signed a contract with verizon

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 I have had no phone for 4 days.  WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?


I wish I never changed to Verizon. I never had the problems I have had with them when I was with Comcast.  AND if I needed to talk to someone at Comcast, I always got a person...a REAL LIVE PERSON!


I thought Verizon was supposed to be wonderful. Well...Fios TV is awful and now, I do not have a phone in my house, because I have no dial tone. I tried calling Verizon on Sunday, waited 45 minutes before hanging up without anyone ever answering. I was never told they were not open, so I just have to assume they were.  I tried chat then and now and it's not available.  I'm not going to waste anymore of my mobile phone minutes on this crap.


I plan on having Comcast pay my early termination fee and going back to a company that stands behind it's service. Why did I ever switch????????????????

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If you are having an issue with your Verizon service, you can use the Verizon Troubleshooter to fix and report issues with your Verizon Phone, FiOS TV, or Internet Service, as well as to schedule a repair, here is the link:
You can find tools on the Verizon Residential Support page that may help you diagnose your issue:


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Their customer service does suck!!! Your $20 you offered back per month doesn't compare to the many hours I've wasted over the years talking to a F'ing computer and waiting for you machines to reset, reset, reset!!!! I have an appt wit comcast and if that doesn't work direct tv and cell phone hot spots here I come!!! Cable is on its way out people

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Hello Elizabeth.


I'm surprised your response to this complaint about not being able to reach a live Verizon Repair Rep was to provide links to trouble shoot the problem. The customer asked for a live person. I think you should have had a repair rep pick up the phone and call the customer immediately. 


Today is my first day reading and participating on the forum. Not surprised about all the Verizon complaints. I hear about them all the time.

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A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.

08:15:26 Estimated wait time is 28 mins 12 secs. We apologize for the delay. You are next in the queue. A representative will be with you shortly.

The phone was even longer.  Does Verizon have an email contact for problems?  Or do they just make you wait until you get discouraged and either hang up or disconnect?



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No general email.  They do have some places for you to report problems, but buried deep in the pages.  They keep changing it and varies by region, so I cannot even locate current page.  But you can find it,eventually, by starting at Support.

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