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home phone

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home phone

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We need our home phone mainly because my husband's pacemaker is monitored over the phone line.  I have a "freedom essentials" service because it comes with my bundle which has expired.  This freedom essentials includes long distance (I do not and never have used), call waiting (don't use), caller id (don't need).  But I can't get a lower costing service because it's part of the expired bundle.  My latest conversation with Verizon, it was suggested that I just eliminate home phone service to lower my bill.  Now I did bring this up, but when I think about it.  They know we are senior citizens trying to lower our bill.  I am paying for services they know I won't use.  Most people making long distance calls use a cell phone.   Senior citizens should have a residential phone even if just for emergencies. 

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My bundle has expired at least a year ago.  I have contacted verizon several times to rebundle with a deal of some kind.

I offered to lower my internet speed from 25/25 to 15/5, and to change my tv from extreme to prime.  There is no way to change my landline from "Freedom Essentials" (even though I don't need long distance, caller id or call waiting).By changing the above TV package and internet, it will save me $10.00.  I have been a good customer.  I pay my bill early, never late.  For a year I have been trying to get a break.  There is no discount for senior citizens.  There are only discounts for new customers. I've reported them to the BBB.  It was a waste of time.  I don't want free service.  I just want fair service.  If I am willing to give up things, I should be able to pay less.  It was suggested that I could give up my dvr.  Wow, another $10.00 for something I would miss.  It was also suggested that I give up residential service.  But there is no suggestion of Verizon giving a little.  Shame on them!

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Re: bundle

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This is a peer-to-peer forum.  You're talking to other Verizon customers here.  We can commiserate with you, but can't do anything for you.


Unfortunately, this is Verizon's business model.  They offer better pricing to new customers than renewing ones.  Sometimes you can catch them when they are offering a decent deal for existing customers, but you have to be lucky or call every week.


You most likely have a cable company available for phone, TV and internet.  You should at least find out what they are charging new customers.  Maybe it's worth it to you to switch.


Another tactic that sometimes works is to call Verizon prepared to cancel.  Sometimes they offer discounts to keep customers.  It works best if you call fully prepared to pull the plug, so do your homework on the competition.


Good Luck.


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Re: home phone

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Sounds to me you do not need the bundle


You should check if Verizon offers measured services ( 1MR) in your area.


This service has a lower monthly charge and you be charged a for all outgoing calls


This service gives you the benefits of a landline for service like 911



Based on your income and jurisdication you may be able to qualify some some lifeline service.  This basicaly telephone service  at  reduced rate .





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Re: home phone

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I can definitely understand your frustration!  I have had consistent trouble with verizon since i started with them in may 2013. it was to be a "deal" with direct tv.  none of the pricing since day 1 was even remotely accurate. 5 different techs had to come to our residence, all of which said different things (problem with line going to house, another said they never had service in my area, another said it was inside, another said issues with some problem down the road, another said entire line bad going into nearest town)...being billed every month when each month soooo many days had no service whatsoever, countless calls to verizon, promises for a discount, promises for credits, paying in to them now hundreds of dollars, sitting here unable to even use the phone this entire month, just static, cannot figure out online here how to even get ahold of anyone to get credits for no service, or even to report the problem! nonsense!! the phone doesnt work at all! the info online on verizon website has..."simple...just call!"....               i am disgusted and can do nothing about it...the bills keep coming, i pay them, cant use the phone over 80% of the time,  its ridiculous...and yet, all the times I did get ahold of them, I ended up getting transferred to this person, then that person, then accused of it being something inside, then accused of wanting credits for non service but didnt call to let them know, then I get promised something else when I cal I get to speak to someone in costa, I have to make it a goal to get this taken care of somehow!!

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