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home voice mail-deactivate

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home voice mail-deactivate

Is there a way to turn off the voicemail and use only my machine at home?

If so , how?



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Re: home voice mail-deactivate

There is a way. It has to be turned off by sales and billing. They have to put an order through the system to remove it off the account. Your not paying any extra for it. Its a free service added onto every account that has phone service with us. Once the voicemail is remove from your account, then you can solely use your answering machine. If you need help in this process, please send a private message and I'd love to help facilitate this for you


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Re: home voice mail-deactivate

i have my own machine at home

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Re: home voice mail-deactivate

I would also like to use my home answering machine.  I already told a "person" that I did not want voicemail and it is back.  Help!


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