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how do I block calls with Anonymous or Private or Unavailable as the caller ID phone number

how do I block calls with Anonymous or Private or Unavailable as the caller ID phone number


I have Verizon Digital Voice which includes Anonymous Call Rejection.  I have enabled global anonymous call rejection.  However, the telemarketers have gotten sly by modifying the caller ID string that gets sent to my phone.  It is not really anonymous.  However, it does not include an actual phone number.  Rather, they are using alphabetic strings in the phone number field which says 'Anonymous' or 'Private' or 'Unavailable'.  I have tried entering these strings into the phone number field of the ACR phone feature settings.  However, it will allow only numeric strings in that field.  How do I stop these nusiance calls from continuing?  I have been on the 'Do Not Call' list for years, but these telemarketers ignore it, and without a phone number, I cannot report them.  It's really gotten terrible lately.  I hope that Verizon can HELP!!!!!


I can see how that would be really annoying. I have sent you a private message on the matter.


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why are people being charged for a service that does not work. If there is a workaround, why is this not shared with everyone. Is it because Verizon is profiting from selling a dead service, and selling numbers to boiler rooms. I hope the FTC gets a hold of this.
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Privacy and Security

Anonymous Call Block   <~~~~~~~

Call Block

Call Intercept

Call Trace

Complete Blocking

Do Not Disturb



They have a bunch of privacy features that I found on the website, but the one you want to keep an eye on is Anonymous Call Block.    just be aware of the limitations. 





Anonymous Call Block rejects most phone calls from callers who have blocked the display of their telephone numbers from a Caller ID device. Anonymous Call Block will not block calls made to you from outside your local calling area or through operator assistance.

When Anonymous Call Block is activated, and there is a call to your number from a caller who has blocked the display of their number, your telephone will not ring and nothing will appear on your Caller ID display unit. The caller will hear an announcement telling them that you are not accepting blocked calls. They will be instructed to hang up, unblock their number, and dial again if they want to reach you.

All calling features are subject to availability and compatibility restrictions.

Instructions for FiOS Digital Voice Calling Features


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Do Not Disturb is also a good option in this case. With this feature you pick a list of phone numbers you want to be able to reach you (friends, family, etc.) and all other callers not on your list are blocked from reaching you. You can either choose to have them get a recorded message or to send them directly to voice mail. In either case you phone will not ring for the unwanted callers.

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We have the same problem, ACR will not block them because there is no number, the CID reads UNAVAILABLE/UNAVAILABLE.  I agree with the OP, how can I report these calls if there is no number?


How do you block anonymous or Private or Unavailable calls? do you just hit *77 and thats it? thanks


I,too,have been having this problem for weeks and can't seem to stop them. It started with calls from a 876 area code that was from Jamaica, people saying I won a 2million dollar prize and a car. Then the Private, Unknown, Anonymous calls kept coming, all about similar or slightly changed senerios. I have an answering machine so I don't talk with anyone anymore, and don't answer anymore, but these calls just won't stop.

I need to find a way to block the private, unknown, anonymous and even international calls but don't know how. Perhaps Anthony V can help me too. I don't want to have to change my number. I have FIOS for everything at home.

If anyone knows what to do or has any ideas please let me know. I can't believe that I have no control over this. Thanks,


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It got so bad, 19 calls in an hour one day, that I have anyone that is upstairs just hit the fax button on our AIO HP for any call that comes up Unavailable.  It seems they don't like that because it has died down.  One of the Unavailable calls claims to be The Red Cross wanting me to donate blood.  I tell them they are liars because the CallerID says Unavailable with no number so leave me alone, this should not be allowed.  But since they get a fax machine they have gone away.  I thought the DNC list was supposed to stop this tactic, numbers are supposed to be displayed.

If *77 is not what you are looking for how do you return your phone like it was before 
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