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how do I block calls with Anonymous or Private or Unavailable as the caller ID phone number

how do I block calls with Anonymous or Private or Unavailable as the caller ID phone number

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*87 will deactivate *77


Anthony_VZ, I too am having this problem with "Unavailable" as the caller ID.  Could you please inform me as well of what I can do to stop this?  Does Verizon have a way of tracing these callers?

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*77 Blocks the Blocker

*87 Allows the Blocker to complete


"I have Verizon Digital Voice which includes Anonymous Call Rejection.  I have enabled global anonymous call rejection.  However, the telemarketers have gotten sly by modifying the caller ID string that gets sent to my phone.  It is not really anonymous.  However, it does not include an actual phone number.  Rather, they are using alphabetic strings in the phone number field which says 'Anonymous' or 'Private' or 'Unavailable'.  I have tried entering these strings into the phone number field of the ACR phone feature settings.  However, it will allow only numeric strings in that field.  How do I stop these nusiance calls from continuing? "


I have the same problem with calls getting through ACR, the Caller ID is "Unavailable" and Tel number is listed as "Out of Area".  How can I block these calls? 




I am having this problem also.  The calls come in at the same time every morning on the weekend.  As I understand it there is a distinction between "unavailable" and "restricted".  But it appears that any feature that might help with this issues is no longer available in PA.  Additionally, if there is a soulution, verizon representatives have chosen to send via private text rather than making publicly available.  Sounds a little suspicious and I don't do the conspiracy theory thing.

Anthony_VZ wrote:

I can see how that would be really annoying. I have sent you a private message on the matter.



Anthony please send me infor on this matter also, I want to be able to block unknown caller and no name with the phone number 


i used *77 but it never worked .


It is just amazing that Verizon cannot or will not do anything to help alleviate this problem.  Think they are all in cahoots.  Call starting with 123 345 6789 or all zeros.  We got to take a stand and demand some action from someone.  I have been on the no cal list for Yeats and it does nothing now to stop these call.  One solicitor told me there was no call list.  Think I believe him.   

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Verizon has both operational and technological limitations that need to addressed at the most senior levels. Your local Customer Service Representatives are constrained by the mediocre tools made available to them.


If you want your complaint heard I recommend a clearly written letter - with dates and times and other relevant detail


I have taken my complaints one step farther - As a customer if I pay a premium service price, but receive considerably less, it's my responsibility to let someone know.


Because this business is very competitive, as a STOCKHOLDER I must let the boss know when service is unacceptable - in fact, ALL THE BOSSES NEED TO KNOW.


Take the time to write a letter or two!!



Anthony_VZ, I'm having the same problem. I've had the same phone number for 34 years, but when Verizon started my Fios one week ago, I've received 49 calls from 21 different phone numbers - all but two from ADT Security related vendors. Verizon must have sold my number to them, but won't help. They just keep referring me to the instructions to block calls, but Verizon limits me to blocking only 10 of the 21 (so far) phone numbers. The Anonymous Blocking doesn't work because the callers label themselves as Unavailable, Unknown, or California. Please send me whatever you sent to BobTheTechGuy in 2011. Thank you.

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