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no dial tone but dsl is working

no dial tone but dsl is working

Contributor dan121212
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Registered: ‎06-10-2010
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Can anyone tell me - if the dsl is workig fine but a can't get a dial tone on any phone jack is that an outside problem?

yes, i do have a dsl filter on the phone and yes i have tried multiple phones and filter combinations to rule out my equipment


Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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A working DSL would imply that there's connectivity all the way back to the central office.   There are two sides to the phone -- assume this was working just fine and it stopped -- so it's not a case of the phone coming in on the other pair?  If so, then I would say it's likely a CO problem -- not even and "outside" problem -- but something back inside Verizon's network.



Contributor Arob
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I am having the same problem (no dial tone, but dsl is working) on a second telephone line that we use for dsl and fax  machine.  Did you ever solve your problem?  Thanks.

Contributor windmill007
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Registered: ‎07-28-2010
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We have been having similar problems for 4 weeks. Right now it is working but it happens radomly. We pick up the phone...no dialtone.....sounds kinda like a another handset is off the hook but I can assure you none are. DSL continues to work. If someone calls they get just contant ringing (if a phone was off the hook this wouldn't happen). It also has been happening to several of our neibors. We live in Greenville Pennsylvania. And trying to get verizon to help is like pulling teeth. Especially a strange not always problem like this.

Contributor slb123
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Has anyone gotten an answer to this question.  It happens at random, for long periods of time.

Copper Contributor ironman54
Copper Contributor
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Same issue here. I have a wire now running out the window plugged into the outside box/jack. PLUS my phone now rings twice per day at the exact same times am & pm - no caller ID appears and theres no one on the line !! Very strange !! I'm thinking it may be corrosion at the jack in the basement and maybe the newer optical (?) wire used by Verizon is very sensitive to any little break in the connection ??? I've NEVER had anything like this happen before and the home I'm in now is not that old - 15 years, so the wiring isn't ancient. I dread having to go down into the crawl space and replace all the wiring - I'm no spring chicken.
Contributor mkIver
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Yes, me too. Different jacks, different filters, different phones (even got a NEW one) and even plugged filtered phones into the Network Box. I haven't seen a solution in any of these threads. One guy did say it was "just working again" and no one would fess up to what happened. So... here's my post to join the others.... Yes, I did request service. No one showed up or called (my contact number). I called 1-800 and they said they were working on repairing a cable and did not know when it would be completed. So.. I wait... Don't worry, I'll pay my bill on time.

Contributor mkIver
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Registered: ‎01-27-2011
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Verizon didn't come to my house but there was a memo/notice on my door the next day notifying me of service. My phone worked. This month I got a credit on my bill because of their Service promise...? OK?  I feel as though Verizon has good service but even an automated call to say, "Repair tech will check all lines and may not need to visit your home. If corrected, your appointment will be canceled and you do not have to wait."  I had no info on my repair status until it was corrected. The on-line status only stated "Open". Maybe they still are working out the kinks.

Contributor Bilbee
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I have been trying to resolve the same issue for 5 weeks. It seems to be an outside line problem but I can't seem to get a repair appt...... Robot land.   Anyone have a line on the this??

Moderator Emeritus Moderator Emeritus
Moderator Emeritus
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Have you tried contacting the appropriate department Bilbee?


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