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no dial line....ONE WEEK TO FIX ???

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no dial line....ONE WEEK TO FIX ???

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My caller id works but the phone doesn't ring....have no dial tone.... caller id say's  no line ....Verizon say's it will be

fixed in a WEEK.......................UNBELEIVABLE.....if I was late with my bill one week, they would turn my phone off.....YES ?

The repair service we pay for SUCKS !

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Re: no dial line....ONE WEEK TO FIX ???

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There should be a couple of ways to figure out if the problem is in your home or outside of your home/apt. If you haven't already done so, try the following to isolate the problem


1. disconnect all of the phones, answering machines, fax machines from the wall jacks.


2. Wait a few minutes.


3. Connnect one phone into the jack and check for dial tone.


4. If dial tone on that line, try to add one phone/device at a time and check for dial tone on the last working phone.


5. Once you find u added a device and dial tone disappeared, you found the faulty device.


If none of the phones work, look for a box outside your home.. it is a Vz box and may say NID for network interface device.


This box should give you a place where you can plug in a phone and see if dial tone is making it to the box.


Try these options and post what you find.



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Re: no dial line....ONE WEEK TO FIX ???

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Thanks for the tips Larry....did all that and still same problem....!  UGH !  M/.

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Re: no dial tone,no line,ONE WEEK TO FIX ...HA ~~

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Well the repair wasn't fixed as promised after a NINE day came out....climbed a pole, left didn't say a word, called me on my cell phone number and said he couldn't find the soarse of WHY ????  will issue a bucket truck out later on today...HA>>>>>>>>>>>>the day is almost over....will try for tomorrow.............I'm not holding my breathe !!!


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