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on-screen caller id stopped working

on-screen caller id stopped working

Copper Contributor joehockey
Copper Contributor
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Post back in a few days and let everyone know if your caller id REMAINS ON.  I think we've all had it come back on for a short time only to have it disappear again.

Contributor mb207602
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Step one: disable caller ID
Step two: turn off tv and cable box
Step three: cut power to cable box (hard reboot)
Step four: wait one minute
Step five: turn on tv and cable box, wait for reboot to complete itself.
Step Six: enable caller ID

I did this about 5 minutes ago and my caller ID is now working again.
Contributor tc322
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Registered: ‎09-19-2011
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Hi Frank,

I have the same issue.  I had verizon turn off their answering service for my phone as I prefer my own answering machine. I don't like someone else monitoring my voice messages.  The caller ID for TV ceased to function at this point.  Yet all indicators on TV showed Active for Caller ID.  Irene hit area and I was w/o phone and internet.  Tech arrived to reactivate full service.  Informed him of ID issue.  He reset and informed me 24-48 hrs. for it to take effect.  That was last week, still no phone caller ID on TV. Please help. Thanks. 






{edited for privacy}







Contributor smthdv414
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I need help getting my caller I D To How on my t v screen again,It just stopped showing on my tv screen

Contributor alanlab2
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Registered: ‎09-24-2011
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718 {edited for privacy}

Contributor Ally
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I am still experiencing the caller ID on my TV not working.  It worked for quite a while but not anymore.  Can you help;

Contributor jdspring
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Registered: ‎10-03-2011
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I've had FIOS for a year now (got it in October of 2010) and have never had luck with getting the caller ID on the TVs to work (two boxes, one a DVR, one an HD box).  I did call up tech support a few weeks after I got it and they had no clue what I was talking about and recommended I spend extra on some type of phone plan upgrade.  I have the Fios Triple Play package (the mid grade package), using the standard equipment and configurations.


Is there anyone in Verizon Tech Support land that can help me get this thing working?  I have tried all the standard methods, unplug, box, unplug router, waiting 5 minutes, plug in router, plug in cable box, yada yada yada, nothing has ever gotten it to work.  So basically, a feather I have never gotten to see.  So I would like to give it a try sometime. 

Contributor Njbabe
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Caller ID works Intermittently.  Checked all boxes it is turned on...

Contributor EMILIO
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Registered: ‎10-09-2011
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on-screen caller id stopped working, almost for two weeks, since i was fixing the wire, i, unplug the all thing them put back again


Contributor zinkalink
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Registered: ‎10-09-2011
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I have the same problem. Was working then stopeed either after the verizon upgrade, or when I Changed my DVR to Multi Room(happened around the same time.) The only box that still gets the caller id on-screen is the dvr box. I've tried unplugging all set top boxes and router, then connecting the router 1st then the set top's. Still only works on the DVR

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