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phone is auto dialing?

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phone is auto dialing?

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I was actually checking my bill recently. The price hadn't changed but when I looked at it online, I found a section called "FIOS Digital Voice Calls" and it has 3 pages of hundreds of calls my phone has made from every few minutes to once a day to various numbers, but especially to one number in a local city near me. These are made daily, at all times of day, on days when no one is home and when we are home. Some of these calls have a  dash "-" under the plan and some have "Fios Voice Unlimited Plan". 


I can guarantee that we are not that popular of a family that we are making this many calls when we are at home and if my dogs and guinea pigs have somehow learned to make phone calls, well, I can stop working now and call in the media! I tried to look up a couple of the numbers but no luck. Since I HATE political and money grubbing calls as much as the next person, I rarely answer the phone unless I know who it is. I'd hate to think someone is using us as a ring thru to make atrocious calls.


Should I just deal with Verizon, go over their heads and ask for help from someone else - police, FTC- who deals with this? And how do I print this out? I only got a spot view by doing a "print page". It seems like this is a secret section on your bill.

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Re: phone is auto dialing?

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You could contact Verizon first through this page, and see what they suggest:

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Re: phone is auto dialing?

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Did you check out any numbers.  Do you have anything like a home alarm, etc.  installed that might place calls?


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Re: phone is auto dialing?

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the online call manager holds only 99 calls at a time, the last 99 calls made.


run some of the numbers at and see where the numbers are and who owns them.   


i have heard of the ont auto dialing 411 and 911 but not full 7 and ten digit numbers. 

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Re: phone is auto dialing?

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Some folks have found that sometimes bad wiring in your home can cause a short that makes the ONT think you're dialing a number. Just something to keep in mind if it isn't a device in your house making periodic phone calls out such as a Satellite Receiver or Security System.

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