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poor customer service

Contributor ladder63ff
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Yesterday morning 7/13 at 9 am I was sitting on my porch having coffee  (day off ) when a verizon truck pulled up to the under ground service box between my property and neighbors. I just had new people move in nextdoor over the weekend so the tech must have been there to hook up new or disconnect old owners. He was there about 10 min in the box then left.. about an hr later i went to use my landline in the house and guess what ,,no dial tone. so whipped out my verizon cell and talked to an robot for 10 min till i could figure out a way to actully get a human to talk to . i told the agent that one of there guys disconnected my phone and he comformed a tech was there for a service call. They told me they could get someone out on 7/15 at 8pm.. so lets see your tech disconnected my phone and I have to wait 3 days to have someone come out .  I was told I could have my home calls transfered to my cell for a fee . let me see your verizon tech disconnects my phone instead of the house he was supose to disconnect, and I can have verizon tranfer my home calls to my verizon cell phone for a fee.... doesnt make any sense. I told them him I'm a firefighter and on call back so i needed my home phone asap.. was told it would be moved up... wife called this morning and talked to a supervisor and he said my paper work was in the pile and they would get to it.. I cant under stand we they couldnt contact that tech and said hey go back to that previous job since you disconnected the wrong line. I was planing to switch from comcast to verizon once fios hit my development. but not if this is how they work.. looks like once my phone works again ill be droping verizon for home phone service. I wouldnt care about a few days of no service due to a storm etc.. But verizons guy made the mistake .
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Copper Contributor Russell
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Situations like that are extremely frustrating and I had something similar happen to me a few years ago when I had another service provider.


The neighbor called the company and they came out and fixed their line but by doing that disconnected MY TV/Phone/Internet (long, LONG story on how)....when I called up and told them, they told me it would be a week. Uh, no, it will not......I still ended up having to wait 4 days to get everything back on. 


I was so angry I couldn't sit still.


It really is (and I know people hate hearing this) just one of those things you have to bite down and bear with, imo. 


Verizon doing this should justifiably lose customers but I can attest to another doing the same thing

Contributor ladder63ff
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well they were nice up to show up on wed and fix there mistake. now lets see if the take that off the bill 3 days of no service.. Speaking to a supervisor got us know where.. i feel like there reading scripted answers to your questions
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Bronze Contributor II
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if you actually reported the outage of service then they will automatically credit you back for the couple of days it was out.
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