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pulse phone and fios

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I have a pulse phone and I called FIOs support and they have no idea if a pulse phone will work. I recently sent it out for repair and was informed that the phone is ok (long story as to why I want to use the pulse phone) Cablevision said it would not work with their system but I have no idea if it can work on FIOS and I would not go to a lot of trouble to get the phone back if the current system can not work with pulse phones.  Any experience with pulsed phones?? Thanks
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Interesting question, have had FiOS phone for 4 years, and I had never tried using a pulse phone. I have an older phone with a switch on it, so I tried it. The results were mixed, so I am not sure how good my answer will be. After switching to pulse:


First call: dialed my cell phone, someone answered some other number.


Second call: dialed my wife's cell phone, got an error message about needing to dial the area code first (I did).


Third call: dialed my wife's cell phone again, rang ok.


So, does it work? Beats me, one out of three doesn't look too good, but on the other hand the first one after I switched from tone to pulse may have been screwed up by the switch, and maybe I reallly did mis-dial the second one.


Don't know if this helps, but one call for sure did go through.


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>  I have a pulse phone and I called FIOS support and they have no idea if a pulse phone will work.
  Of course it must work.  Have used pulse phones on a FIOS installation.  However, I don't know if that option must be turned on in software.
  How to test.  Take any phone.  Click the 'hook' just like a pulse dialer.  To dial '3', flick the phone 'hook' three times.  Then wait two seconds before 'dialing' the next digit. This should dial on any phone - even touch tone.
  Anyone with basic phone knowledge could have answered your question.  A customer service tech who did not know should have a supervisor who always knows this simple stuff.  But we have a shortage of technical knowledge where most become supervisors by going to business school - do not get promoted by learning the product.
  Above is the simple test you can do on any phone.  If it works, that phone line supports any pulse dial phone.


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This info is incredably cool.


multiple kudos in your direction.

... and by the way, i like turtles
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