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"A long distance company access code is required"

"A long distance company access code is required"

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I just spent half an hour on the phone (the landline) to fix an issue with the DSL setup, and during that time the call was a bit fuzzy. The customer support agent tested the line after we hung up and called back to let me know she didn't find any problems, so I tried putting a different filter on the line in case that was a problem. I called my wife's cell phone so that we could check clarity and then got this message: "a long distance company access code is required". Ok, weird. I called my own cell phone, which has the same area code as the landline, and got the same message. I thought I had nationwide calling? What's the deal? I tried calling customer support again, but the automated support said I would need to have someone come out and check the line at the risk of having to pay charges if the problem was on our side- since I'm not sure the computer knew what my problem actually was, I didn't want to risk it. 


We just activated everything today. Anyone have a clue what'd going on?

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It's happening to me too! A few months ago a $1.99 fee showed up on my landline bill. When I called I was told it was for long distance and its a new fee. Nice - no notification - nothing. So I refused the service. Then Verizon charged me $2.75 to remove the long distance that I didn't even sign up for!!!! Bulls*!  I tried to call my husband that has a 609 area code cell phone and got "access code is required". I called back and was told if I change my phone plan to regional (more $$) it wouldn't be a long distance call.


Fast forward to a couple months and this morning I had an emergency (Verizon iPhone 4s shut off for the 3rd time last night - thats another issue) so I have no cell phone. Tried to use the house phone and got the "access code" messsage.


**bleep** Verizon??? I was told to change to regional and did and was just told that it's not in the regional phone numbers even though the cell phone has the same area code and we have lived here our whole life and its a Verizon cell phone number. How can you make your own cell phones be long distance???


Another way to charge people. It's a shame I'm stuck with Verizon cell phone for another year or I would cancel everything including the house line!!!! 


And I wanted to cancel our house line and can't. You now have to have a basic house line to keep your DSL service.


Real nice Verizon. What a way to reward your long time customers.

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A little-known secret is that the Verizon Access Code (dialed before the number) is 1016963 .

Out-of-state (but expensive), try the AT&T Access Code -- 1010288  .


For DSL-service without a dial-tone, ask for "Dry-loop Service".


With DSL, try paying Verizon $7.99 per month for "Inside Wire Maintenance" -- otherwise, when there is a problem with the flaky DSL and a service-call is necessary, they may claim that the problem is in your inside wiring, and charge you $100 for each Service Call !


DSL degrades the further your location is from the "hub-facility".

The maximum distance from the DSL "hub-facility" is about 18,000-feet (as the wire-travels) -- anything beyond that, and you may experience frequent drop-outs !






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Have you tried the "Jersey-Link" Access-code (10-10-BPA) before the 1-609-xxx-xxxx number ?


It is an economical way to reach Southern New Jersey, from Southeastern Pennsylvania (probably better than the

10-10-288 access-code).


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With DSL Problems, it is wise to disconnect ALL phone-plug-devices-with-their-filters in the house (except for the DSL modem, which should NOT have a filter on it), and add them back one-by-one, checking the modem-connection (which was NOT unplugged) after each one is plugged-back-in.


It is wise to buy a spare DSL filter, and if one of the phone-plug-devices in the house IS causing problems with the DSL, AFTER it has been plugged-back-in, substitute the spare DSL filter to see if the DSL filter was causing the problem.


Your ISP may be giving you "cheap"-quality DSL-filters, so you may want to buy 5-or-6 at your local electronics-store (5 might cost about $65), bearing-in-mind that the DSL-filters come in single-line, and double-line models.

(In older houses, there are 4 wires in the phone-cable, and some plugs and wires-leading-to-devices have 4 conductors. It takes 2-conductors to make a phone-circuit, so there are usually 2 phone-circuits, of which, only the red/green pair is used (the two center conductors of a plug))

If you only have one phone-number, you only may need single-line-model DSL-filters.


Home-alarm-systems (even if "disconnected") may interfere with DSL-service, so make-sure that the disconnected home-alarm-service is unplugged from its circuit-board "inside-the-box".



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If you are not calling New Jersey, from Southeast Pennsylvania, you might try the 10-10-987 access-code, but Google them to look-up their current rates, before trying them !


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