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setting up call forwarding from a remote location

setting up call forwarding from a remote location

Contributor Emelia_Weg
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i am on vacation right now. i'd like to have my calls forwarded to my number here.  Is there any way I can do it via internet or remotely?

thank you.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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It depends on if you have FIOS Digital Voice telephone service. If so you can log on to your online Verizon account and turn it on from there. If you do not have FIOS Digital Voice, it cannot be done. Smiley Sad

Contributor vms_dude
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Verizon does offer a service called "Ultra Call Forwarding" - also known as "Remote Call Foward". It is available in the former Bell Atlantic area (i.e. Mid-Atlantic). If you subscribe to this service, you can remotely forward your line by calling 888-294-1618. Enter your 10-digit telephone number, and then your remote PIN. The system will tell you if you do not subscribe to the service. if you do subscribe, you can then setup the number you want your calls forwarded to.


If you a re a Fios Digital Voice customer, you can do this via the web at:



Contributor tirebiter
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As of May 2013 you could do this from any Internet-connected computer if you have the Call Forwarding service active on your mobile phone.  The web address to remotely turn Call Forwarding on or off is currently:


Contributor Tex2
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There is a new number to activate "Ultra Forwarding".  It is 888-383-8080.

The one listed in earlier posts doesn't work any more and you will get a busy signal.

Verizon used to have two numbers.  One was residential and the other was business.  They got rid of the residential number, but the one I listed (business) above still works.

If you have only regular forwarding--Sorry pal, this number won't work for you.

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