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In NY, astonished how long upgrade taking!

In NY, astonished how long upgrade taking!

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A while back I posted here about how I was disappointed because I was looking forward to adding an external hard drive, and the delays meant I had missed an excellent opportunity to purchase one during the heavilyy discounted days following Thanksgiving.


Not only has that opportunity come and gone, but due to the monsoon floods in Thailand, the price of hard disk drives has skyrocketed.  The price of external sata drives -- at least the one I was planning on buying -- has almost doubled since September.


Way to go, Verizon.


At this point, I probably won't even bother getting an external drive, so I no longer care about 1.9.  You can keep it, for all I care now.  Considering all the complaints I see on the boards about 1.9, I'm beginning to think maybe it would be better if it never came around.


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If you are out there, any update as to when we will finally be getting our software/hardware update?

I mean anything other than "in the new year?"


It is  very dissapointing to me that any other "network activity" should take precedence over updating those of us waiting this ridiculously long, and so much longer than any other area.

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I've said before we are incented to get this done as soon as we can. That remains true.

I've also said that it will not be in this calendar year. That also remains true.


The last time Joe provided a date, we missed it.


As we've indicated before, things did not work out as we had intended.

Because we made a promise, and did not deliver against it, we got a fair amount of heat here and elsewhere.

We get that we're responsible for the promise, and its not really important in the end why things did not work out the way we had intended.


Still, Joe in particular has worked very hard to get the upgrades done and some of the personal attacks he has endured have been a bit over the top, especially given that within Verizon he has been and remains the strongest advocate of  the communi ty we have here and the features that you have been asking for.


all this to say, I'm not giving you a specific date.

we need to get through Christmas and New Years before we can begin performing this activity.

a lot can happen in that time that could impact any schedule we may be considering.


You've made it clear that if we make a promise we better keep it.

So we will not make any specific promises unless we absolutely know we can keep them.

Can't do that today. When we can, we will.


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So, now it's not until after the holidays? Man Mad  The other day a telephone tech' support agent said it would roll out in New York "by the end of the year."  Lots of misinformation has been disseminated about this.  The 1.8 software looks and acts like something out of the early 90's/late 80's.  What IS the problem?

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This is ridiculous. Fios is great but the guide and DVR features on 1.9 are crap. Dish network has a much better futuristic guide on the 922. Also Verizon can't make promises because it's equipment in the northeast are outdated. Until they get csr3 they won't be able to deliver the update in dca5. That's the insider news. So by Easter will be the least.
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LOL, so the response from Verizon is, we messed up. We got nothing else for ya. Enjoy waiting a few more months for nothing.

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What's csr3 and dca5?

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He means CRS-3 and Verizon is upgrading Cisco routers http://blogs.cisco.com/news/verizon-to-upgrade-fios-network-with-cisco-crs-3/. And he means DAC 5 which is the last controller to get the 1.9 software.  NY, RI, and MA encompass DAC 5.


It has been clear that the 1.9 rollout will take place next year.  I assume 1/11 is the next possible date but that is what I assume and have no knowledge to when the real date is.

@MeanMrMustard wrote:

What's csr3 and dca5?


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1.9a is live in NY.

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