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Love the new guide and menus (1.9 update)

Love the new guide and menus (1.9 update)

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Just a post to offer a counter-opinion to all the negative comments about the new guide. I absolutely love it. It is compeltely legible and the menus now work much faster. I could not be more satisfied.


It seems some people actually expect the rest of us to remain in the 1990s with 20-year old sets because a few people have handicpas. If you can't see the screen, then you have severe vision problems or you need to update your set to HD. Both of which are not Verizon's problem. 

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I also do not understand all these people who want to "revert back to the old technology". Why on Earth would any company do that?

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Long term customer, use to love FIOS, but you guys are going in the wrong direction. Recently called to get a new remote, old one broke, you sent me one but my old one had four buttons up top, including one for DVD and one for Aux like a surround sound. Love the old one, but you informed me you no longer make one to include Aux equipment “Bad Move Verizon”.


Then you changed the guide and for the looks of the new Guide, for no good reason, ITS WORSE. New guide only shows five channels at once, tons of wasted space on screen up top and bottom, colors (like blue and white text) is a terrible choice very hard to read text, text is too small, the little TV image in the upper left corner is so small its useless. It also takes five clicks to get to the detail info on the show. I know you think ppl are complaining because ppl don’t like change but not so. The guide change sucks, its worse than before. Its almost like you made a change just for the sake of change and not to improve something.


Not good choices Verizon, not good for customers at all.

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I think those that like 1.9 and those that dislike 1.9 both have valid points.


First, those that dislike 1.9 have commonly said that readability is a big issue, and I completely agree with them.  The light color scheme doesn’t provide the necessary contrast. The font is rather small in some areas, but if increasing font size means losing screen real estate, then I’m for keeping the font size the same, as I want the most channels and guide info in my full screen grid.


I think if they would get rid of the light color scheme, and instead go back to a dark scheme that would help out big time, as it would provide more contrast which would make the readability much greater.


I also agree with those that dislike 1.9 that it does seem to waste screen real estate around the grid.  They could fit more channels in the grid if they removed some of these strange buttons and clutter.  I know some are important, but I feel they could re-locate some of these inside the grid where most people look anyways.


I also disagree with those that dislike 1.9 in the following ways. I’ve heard from many that 1.9 is slow.  Well, 1.9 is NOT SLOW, period.  If it is slow, you need to upgrade your box, as you most likely have a old model.  Simple as that.


Also, I’ve heard the 1.9 doesn’t show many channels in the grid, at once per window. Well, you can switch the view of the grid. I forget the actual name of the view, but I believe the “classic” view only shows 5 channels down, while the other view shows 7 channels down. Choose the 7 channel view and you’ll see more channels per window, which allows less scrolling!


So to sum it all up, 1.9 is a huge improvement, not matter what anyone says. But at the same time, I still feel it needs to be polished, as it’s still rough around the edges. Those that dislike 1.9, I have found are just ignorant of the features, functionality, and improvements available. 1.9 still has plenty of room for improvement, and I’m confident Verizon will hear us about these flaws we still have in 1.9, and they will correct and improve upon 1.9.

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Some of the "wasted" space has to do with "safe" margins.  Many older  of TV's will not show 5 to 10 % of the screen.  Action safe by one standard considered 3.5% and title safe is 5% horizontal and 10% vertical on a 16x9 TV.  But many olders sets were worse than that.

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No one is saying revert to old technology. We just ask that new technology be useful and an improvement. Also, backward compatability is not too much to ask. Sure, I'll get an HD set, but not until my SD TV is no longer useful. Not just because Verizon wants to force me to.

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As one of the beta testers I have to chime in. I don't understand all of the complaints. This img is light years better than the old in both HD and SD ( I have both). From the minute it was installed I was able to use it and manipulate it intuitively. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. There are far more options and easy to get to, if you try. People need to calm down, use it for a few days, and give it a chance. It's not perfect, upgrades were made based on suggestions, more upgrades will be made based on further discussion. Don't panic just because it's different than what you were used to, you'll get used to this too.

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