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New rollout -- DVR issues

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New rollout -- DVR issues

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Just want to start by saying I hate the fact we were not notified in advance about the major changes.

And I want to say I don't find any of the changes favorable.

The new menu is awful.

It's a strain and a pain.

Not a fan.

Not at all.



As far as my DVR, I have been the victim of numerous auto deletions since the rollout.  The note is that my DVR needed the room so it deleted my programs.

For example, I look at my usage and it says 52% yet it deleted a 90 minute HD program.  Does not make sense.

This has happened at least 3 x.

Now I'm worried other programs will be deleted too.

I am also having trouble fast forwarding through some newly recorded shows.  It will get stuck at certain time intervals.  Eventually, I can maneuver my way around it(new chapter feature and then rewind) but it's not what I want to have to do. 


Anyone else having DVR issues?


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Re: New rollout -- DVR issues

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I am having the same issue with the playback getting stuck.


In addition, when there is a conflict, the conflict does not show in the DVR (as program will not be recorded). Conflict only shows in guide.

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Re: New rollout -- DVR issues

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Nice to hear that I am not the only one with these problems!  My husband and I are so Fed up with Fios that we are seriously looking into changing companies!  I feel like we are at their mercy because of the internet/phone/DVR package all in one deal, but I must tell you that we are sick and tired of paying them fees for EVERY SINGLE little thing!  AND... did you know that on top of this new rollout DVR issue that we are all experiencing, our bill is going up another $10 this month!!!  You just gotta love the fact that they charge you more money yet  AGAIN for a HORRIBLE service!  We to, are having extreme problems, FF, rewinding, pausing, playing etc...  At first I thought it was our TV, but when I checked the other 3 TV's in the house, low and behold they had the same problems to!  It's the FIOS!!! 


As far as calling customer service goes, good luck with that.  You will be on hold forever, then you will be lucky if you get someone who understands English and can even help you out!  I am calling today just to vent my extreme frustration with their service, and I am truly hoping they have had many more complaints so they may get the ball rolling and fix this issue once and for all.  If they're going to charge us more money then they better make the upgrade a GOOD one!


Seriously disgruntled customer!

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