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The Guide's Inaccuracies Continue

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Re: The Guide's Inaccuracies Continue

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I absolutely agree with you nascar as i have been saying this for a very long time even before verizon chose to try to address this issue. The problems preceded me but i have gone a long way to try to get this matter resolved to actually find a way that is much easier than the method that they currently have. For many years they would not acknowledge it as an issue but then finally after they had sent a lot of techs to my home over the years where they checked my fios set up where they found nothing wrong with it they still changed the equipment anyway but finally realized that this was not an isolated issue and that they were wasting their time sending people out. I finally was contacted by one of those people in that network data group in virginia who gave me his personal info which includes interacting with him via facebook where we have worked together but it is a task that goes beyond just a few people trying to get at the matter. I also have the contact info of some other people in that group who contacted me and i am currently working with people who are very close to the ceo of verizon to try to get this matter corrected little by little.Tickets that get created about this issue get into the network tech's hands then they pass it on to the people in virginia who could pass it on to that group where fyi has to make a judgement call as to whether they want to make the corrections or not. The second phone number that someone posted on here is the number of the guy who makes the decisions as to whether things should get corrected by fyi or not where i have spoken to him often but it really does not get at the heart of the matter which is way bigger than most people are aware of. Verizon's ceo (who lives in new jersey but works in new york) and fyi's ceo know about this matter but not much has been done about it. My suggestion to everyone who have these issues is that we should start an open thread that will remain open just like the funimation thread where people can post their issues with the guide data so that when verizon employees see it they can actually pass it on because any company with that many errors on their guide could only make those changes if they were shamed into doing so. As i said before creating tickets is pointless as they just get added to the pile of tickets that verizon has that their committee looks at where a lot of that is backloaded where they do not know what is still an ongoing issue and what has been resolved. When they get to fix something for someone it may have already been resolved so the assumption is that the guide issues have been fixed if no one is updating them as i am doing. I was curious to know if you are also the same person who goes by the name nascar who posted that info about the 1.91 IMG on dsl reports and if you are could you provide me with some more information as to whether the size of the guide will be bigger with the 1.91 IMG and are new jersey/philladelphia next? The 1.91 IMG update i was told by people at verizon will be the first step in trying to correct this guide problem as they believe that a lot of those bugs that are throwing off the data will get corrected because of it although i am a little skeptical. The reason why this thread is on here by the way is because some verizon employee moved it from another area because she wrongly thought that it belonged on here. Also if you are that same nascar from dsl reports could you put up those screenshots on here too only much bigger for other customers who are not even aware of the fact that the 1.91 IMG roll out has begun?

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