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What is the purpose of changing the guide??

What is the purpose of changing the guide??

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General info and Reply to post by Juice421:


It's only good if you have the proper equipment, from what I have found researching this site for the past 2 days looking for some helpful information on this new guide.


We have 2 houses with 8 TVs and 8 6414 DVRS, most of which are HD and are attached to TVs that are 2 to 7 yrs old.


Only the 2 yr old TV looks halfways decent after this change to 1.9 because we don't have 7232 boxes.  If we can get them, as I've read there's a waiting list and huge backlog now and only new customers are getting them or customers that have had the service for over 4 yrs are eligible for the $40 upgrade fee per box, it would cost us $320 just to have the pleasure of watching our TVs in the enjoyable way we were able to prior to last Tueday night.   First of all, our units are only about 3 years old so we're not even eligible, second of all I'm not shelling out another $320 to a company that already gets over $400 per month of my money and had the audacity to institute a change that only benefitted a small portion of their customer base.  


With the old 6414 boxes we don't see the guide or any of the graphics in a clear or easily readable format, we don't pay for multi-room DVR viewing so those changes are not beneficial, we don't have their home phone system so we won't be answering our phone or listening to our messages on the TV (which I think is the most absurd thing I've ever heard of anyway--how much lazier is this population going to become??!!), and how much recording space does one need that people need eSATA?


Incidentally, the old guide covered our standard and widescreen TVs from side to side and top to bottom with the current program showing in a small box in the upper right part of the screen.  It was beautifully clear, easy to read, contained an appropriate amount of information on the screen and plenty more easy-to-read data if you pressed the info button once or twice.  It actually contained more information before than it does now.  Except for the date the program is going to broadcast on which appears on the second (full) info screen, which is a duplication of information anyway.  And it presented that information in a much easier to read, at-a-glance format. 


So, until all the rest of the Verizon customer population catches up to you, the small group who has all 2010/2011 TV and STB equipment, we are justified in complaining about the horrendously poor graphics, design, and functionality of the 1.9 IMG.      


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I'd have to agree with everything williamj said. It seems evident from browsing a few of the verizon forums this morning that you need the latest Fios hardware to avoid alll of the various technical issues people are having with the v1.9 update...so i'm not really sure why they forcibly shoe horned it into everyone's cable box if only a small % of users have the most up to date model.

Also, the changes to the DVR display are baffling and I assume those will not change with an updated box. It's as if someone at Verizon thought it wasn't obscuring enough of the screen when you press any of the command buttons and then set out to change that by making it take up almost 1/3 of the total screen vs what can only be described as a tiny display bar in the previous version. 

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