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Menu/Guide Font Size and Color Complaints

Menu/Guide Font Size and Color Complaints

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Joe, what is your reaction to the complaints from some about the font sizes and color choices on the Guide and Menu? Any changes coming?

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So font size "issues" is not new for me with TV user interfaces... have been battling for over 10 years.  If you make the font bigger you can fit less text on each page view... make it smaller to fit more text and it becomes more difficult to see.  The real solution is to let you set it yourself...


For the contrast we continue to work in the usability lab to get that contrast more ideal... which should offset the font size readability... and is basically as simple as swapping out background graphics.

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I agree about font sizes, one size fits all rarely works in my experience, so letting the user set the size is ultimately the best solution, and I hope you will be able to implement that in the not too distant future.


The issue with colors and contrast seems to me to be something that can be fixed easily and quickly. Or can it? Will you be able to make changes to the colors, text and background, on the fly or will we have to wait until 1.9.1 or 2.0? And once again I think allowing the user to set some of those values would ultimately be best, lots of people have varying degrees of color-blindness and see things quite a bit differently than people with "normal" color vision.

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You should notice that we each and every IMG release the settings menu gets bigger and bigger with more personalization choices.  Like we added a setting in IMG 1.9 for video sharpness... that used to be a value we had to pick for everyone.


User selectable font sizes is really, really hard to do in these types of video platforms... we have been at it for some time now.


The contrast does not necessarily require a new IMG release.

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