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Fix static IP PTR Record info at Verizon

Fix static IP PTR Record info at Verizon

Contributor calderwood
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There appears to be no way to contact internet support via email or the web which is pretty strange for a web company. 


We have a static IP addreess, but it is being included in DNSBL SPAM lists as the PTR Record is invalid. Verizon needs to add a unique PTR record to our static IP so that it will be removed from the DNSBL lists. WHO DO I TALK TO?????


Message from DNSBL sites:68.236.XXX.XXX not eligible for removal: GENERIC PTR static-68-236-XXX-XXX.nwrk.east.verizon.net


Your host sends or relays NDR's for none local users in violation of RFC-2476/RFC-4409. 

Your host is in a spammy netblock and has a missing, generic, or identical (non-unique) PTR record. These IP's are NOT eligible for removal until provisioned with a distinguishing PTR record. 


Does anyone else have this probem? For the extra money I get charged for a static IP I'd expect some sort of support. 

Moderator Emeritus Moderator Emeritus
Moderator Emeritus
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Hello calderwood


You'll find phone numbers, emails and more for business support services here.


I hope this is of some help, and thank you for using Verizon!



Copper Contributor kieranmullen
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It is a lot of work trying to maintain your own email server.  You can setup 50 accounts for free on google apps and they have great spam protection. Most commercially available email systems are based on a slow file system rather than having all of your email in a indexed database like google.


Anyhow if your email server is getting a low score from other companies such as aol.com and your email is being sent to the garbage bin see if you are on any DNSBL lists. Sometimes it is hard to get off of them.


Also if you have a business connection, make sure you setup reverse dns so it matches the forward dns.  When I did it several years ago, it was actually the business DSL service that handled it for my FIOS connection. Odd but true.



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Contributor jgbeahm
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This is a BIG bone of contention with us IT support folks when our customers setup FIOS or DSL with static addresses and have a mail server sitting behind them.  It does not matter what your DNS or Reverse DNS is set to on your domain settings...if Verizon does not setup a PTR record for your static IP address, you will get mail bounces because all of your mail is ultimately coming from their routers/servers.


I am going through the same issue now for a customer and I can't seem to get to the right department either.  I was ultimately transferred to the FIOS technical support dept., where the technician said, " You need a what kind of record?"  I knew I was in trouble right then.


I used to have a number for the Verizon DNS department and they handled all of these requests in the past with ease.  But apparently they are no longer an active department, because their number doesn't work any more and no one seems to know anything about them.


The numbers that Elizabeth posted below are worthless and don't take you to the right place. 


We need a number that gets us to the people who control the DNS for the High Speed Internet Services.  This (the PTR record) is something that they should automatically be creating when a fixed IP address is provisioned anyway!  I've been asking for this service for years, but it always falls on deaf ears.


Can anyone from Verizon lend us a hand with this problem???????????



Copper Contributor kieranmullen
Copper Contributor
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Well sometimes the upstream provider allows clients to their own reverse dns. I would assume that this is reserved for larger blocks.


Most decent spam filtering systems use points based systems and you will lose points for not having reverse dns matching forward dns, but it shouldnt block all email, nor does having it setup properly that all your email will go through.


The issue I have with verizons so called business service is that when you order "business" service either dsl or fios you can't put your business address as the address on the whois of the ip. This is really a breach of privacy. I was able to scan all the ips in my local area on fios and find out who was running servers, what the websites were and through whois find the address of those people.


One can opt to have "private residence" appear on the whois for the ip as well but that is not exactly professional is it?


Anyhow  the last email I had when I was arguing was ipmgmt@verizon.com   Also I would call up business dsl support.


Too bad I am in Oregon and Verizon sold its good assets to a loser company no one likes. (check broadbandreports.com)



Contributor jgbeahm
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Well, I went another route and went to the IT community.  I found a Verizon number on my DNSSTUFF.COM forum and actually got someone knowledgeable on the phone.  For Business DNS, all requests for DNS changes, including PTR records should be emailed to business-support@verizonbusiness.com .  They need the business name, account phone number, address, contact name, static IP Address and host name of your mail server.  I also got the phone number for the DNS department, but they will ask that you send the request via email, so only use this number as a follow-up...it is (866) 492-1074.


This only took me about 4 hours to find...but it was worth it in the end.


Good luck!


Copper Contributor kieranmullen
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dnsstuff is nice but it is full of commercialized crap now.


the whois information has a number contact for ip management that can be used just as well.


dnstools.com looks up whois information of course the authortative information can be found at arin.net

Contributor jgbeahm
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Uh, yeah....you would think that the phone number on the whois information would be useful...but this is Verizon that we're talking about, remember?  Wasn't useful.  Went through all of the same crap as I went through with those other numbers.


Anyway, we have good numbers now, which I posted earlier.  I sent my request to Verizon and have already received a response....oh happy day!

Contributor bdkennedy1
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I just want to verify that the above email address business-support@verizonbusiness.com is valid and I was able to use to to open a support ticket.



Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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I am also having issues.


When I used http://www.blacklistalert.org/


It now says, about my public IP:


Reverse DNS (PTR) exists and claims to be: static-71-242-***-***.phlapa.east.verizon.net

WARNING: No matching A-Record exists for: static-71-242-***-***.phlapa.east.verizon.net.


Please request your Admin or Provider to fix this.




Ok, how fix that?



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