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Opening a new account

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Opening a new account

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My husband and I have opened a small business and the business doesn't have any established credit yet, would it be easier and cheaper for us to open the account as personal until the business gets established in the credit world?  The account is only going to be 3 phones for at least the first year or two.

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Re: Opening a new account

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Maybe give you some insight with my experience.  My new business needed 5 lines, for accounting purposes organization, taxes, so on and so forth I wanted this under my new business name and TIN.  I went to a local Verizon Wireless store and after providing all my business information; TIN, bank account etc.  5 minutes passed and $0 Security Deposits.  I don't know what happened, but I am happy with the credit decision Smiley Happy  I even got Activation Fee credits on my second bill and discounting...Verizon Wireless said I met the 5 line requirement.  Well, maybe I got luck.  Who know what or how they check, bt it doesn't hurt to try.  If it comes back with Security Deposits, I would then go to Option 2, adding the lines to an individual account and creating new.  Hope that helps. 
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