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THE WORST Customer Service!

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THE WORST Customer Service!

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I went into the Verizon Plus store located at 2219 S. Loop 288 in Denton, Texas last night at 6:55 to pay my company's bill.  I had the check made out and in my hand, so even though I realize it was close to closing time (they advertise that they're open for business until 7 PM), all they had to do was to stamp the check, not a major time-consuming transaction.  A gentleman walked in right behind me and we were both told that "someone will be right with you".  There were 4 employees working, 3 counting money and one helping the only other customer in the store.  The employees ignored me and the man behind me until one of them went over and locked the door and then continued to ignore us, except for once we were again told that "someone will be right with you".  By this time it was after 7 PM.  Finally the employees out-waited the customers and at 7:10 we both decided to leave.  As the man with the keys unlocked the door to let us out (he was the one who told us "someone will be right with you"), he told us to "have a good evening".  No "I'm sorry we couldn't help you tonight" or "Even though we advertise that we're open for business until 7 PM, we actually quit doing business earlier than that" or even "Go away and stay away and don't bother us!", which is the impression of Verizon that he left me with.  When my contract expires, I will do exactly that with my business telephone and internet service.

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