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Why can't I get small business FIOS at my office?

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Why can't I get small business FIOS at my office?

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I work in Arlington MA and I have verizon phone service.  The buildings on all 3 sides of me (both sides and behind) all have FIOS service.  Even the convenience store 2 doors down has FIOS.


But when I check on the web, it says only DSL is available.  And when I ask someone from Verizon, they always says the same thing.  (1) Your landlord must not allow it and (2) I'll have to talk to engineering and get back to you.  But no one has ever gotten back to me.


And I checked with the landlord - he says he approved the installation of FIOS several years ago. 


So, anyone have any idea what I have to do to get it in my building?  it's not like it's not on the poles outside.


heck, maybe i should run a wire from the building next door :-)


Anyone from Verizon listening?  I know there are at least 4-5 other offices in the building that would switch to FIOS tomorrow.



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Re: Why can't I get small business FIOS at my office?

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I am the Owner, for 23 years, of a 30,000 sf  multi-tenant OFFICE BUILDING with 36 different businesses renting space. Tenants are all professional businesses such as Law Offices, CPA firms, Manufactures Reps, etc.


TIME WARNER CABLE has just installed high-capacity fiber in the building. Tenants are being contacted by Time Warner to switch. FIOS is in the street 15 feet from the building. The building across the street has FIOS.


Who do I call to get FIOS installed in this building. The address is: 12881 Knott Street, Garden Grove, CA 92841.


 Can someone from Verizon please contact me.


I can be reached at {edited for privacy}

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Re: Why can't I get small business FIOS at my office?

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We have submitted your request to the medium / large business group for review.  We will give you an update when we get a response back from that department.



~ Ken


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