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had enough of Verizon

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had enough of Verizon

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        I have tried calling and emailing and I now I am fed up with all this. My business has been without internet for more than a month now. They said on the phone that they have no Verizon business location for small businesses in NJ so all I can do is to endlessly call and email them. When I call none of the representatives were willing to help me and when I emailed Verizon because I could not take it anymore, I got a response that I should call Verizon instead of emailing.

I am going to put my progress up on this thread until my issue gets resolved. I will not stop calling and emailing them.



My first e-mail:

           My name is{edited for privacy} I have forgotten the exact date but our internet has been disconnected since the beginning of October. (probably 10/03/2011) I have called at least fifteen times up until now and no representative tried to actually solve the problem.

           On September of 2010 I started using Verizon's business package with two phone lines and DSL internet service because I was informed that I would pay about $100 per month. Up until the September of 2011 I only received total of 3 bills in our mail:

I paid $311.36 on 01/10/2011, (billing date was 12/14/2010)

$76.28 on 02/07/2011, (billing date was 01/14/2011)

and was going to pay $581.50 due on 09/08/2011 (billing date was 08/14/2011) when verizon disconnected our phone lines without any notice on 09/03/2011. That day was Saturday, so we paid by internet-- the service was back on 09/05/2011. Because of this we were unable to operate our business for one full day.

           Next, I do not remember the exact date but on about 10/03/2011 Verizon has disconnected our internet service. Since then I have called Verizon over 15 times to resolve this issue which was unsuccessful. Every time I called I had to take 2 to 3 hours to explain my situation to a new representative, and sometimes the call would even get disconnected while I was talking. And every representative gave me different reason for the disconnection of internet service. So basically our internet service was disconnected without any notice so that I had to call Verizon to figure out the problem, and even when I called no one was willing to explain the situation and look for a solutioin to the problem for the customer. This has continued for over a month now.

           Here are list of reasons Verizon gave me:

1. At first Verizon claimed this to be a problem in the cable lines, and a technician was dispatched after about 4 days and explained to us that he needs to call another technicians. After another 4~5 days another technicians came and did nothing; they said there is no problem with the cable whatsoever.

2. Verizon also said they would send me a new modem because that may be causing the problems. That was beginning of October and up until now I have not received any modems.

3. Some representatives told me that it was billing problem, and their explanation shocked me to no end. Originally the business package includes two phone lines and internet service, but for some reason Verizon opened up an another internet service on my other phone line (732-***-****) and now they are telling me that I paid for the phone but never for the internet service. This means for a year Verizon provided two different internet services without ever informing me. Moreover, the three bills I received were about just the business package and it did not ever say that I have more bills to pay other than the business package.


Due to maximum letter requirements, I will continue on the next email.



This is a continuation from a previous email. If you have not received the previous email then tell me so I can send it again.


So now here are my questions towards Verizon:


1. How can Verizon send the bill that is due on 09/08/2011 and disconnect the phone service on 09/03/2011 without ever informing the business owner? Also, how can they not feel responsible for the loss the business suffered by doing so?


2. How can Verizon open up an another account in addition to the business package without informing the business owner? And how come they never explained the business owner about such actions?


3. I have only received three bills up until now and never received bills for the seperate internet service Verizon opened up without my consent. When I asked for a reasonable explanation, Mike from billing department told me today (11/07/2011) that it is also the customer's resposiblity to check for due dates and pay the bills. So all Verizon customers have to keep track of their bills even when they never received the bills or never knew an account existed?


4. On September of 2010, when I joined the business package I was informed that I was going to get promotion discount of $32 on top of the regular rate of about $100 per month. But Mike told me today that I have to pay $120.00 per month now because my phone bill is $88.00 including surcharge and tax and the internet bill is $32.00 including surcharge and tax. Then what is with the original explanation that I would be paying about $70 per month because I am getting $30 promotion discount on top of $100? How come Verizon does not keep their words? I have never asked for a separate internet service and this situation does not make any kind of sense to me.


5. During the calls I was told that the business package I originally joined on September of 2010 has been changed into an another package. How can Verizon change the package and extend the contract without the customer's consent?


6. According to Mike's explanation, the business package is considered as a bundle and cannot be separated, but for some reason my package has been separated and I have not paid for the internet service for a full year. So this means Verizon let me use the internet service for a year without me ever paying for the service? This does not make sense.


7. I have called over 15 times and constantly asked for a solution to the problem, but absolutely no one was willing to resolve the issue. Is this how the Verizon customer service works?


8. The representatives who actually listened to my situation would tell me that they have to tell their supervisors and they would call me back the next day. I have waited for over a week and have not received any call back from Verizon. How can they act so irresponsible?


9. Since I did not even know the internet account has existed, this problem is obviously resulted from Verizon's mistake in handling my account. How can Verizon ignore all the problems the customer is suffering from not getting proper services when this situation was caused by them and not me?


10. Does Verizon customer service never keep records of the customers' previous complaints? How come I had to spend 2~3 hours explaining my situation all over again every single time I called?



Verizon's response:



Dear K. Lee, 

Thank you for contacting the Verizon eChannel Business Center where we never stop working for you. My name is ******, and I will be handling your request today. 

I have received your email regarding your bill.   

In order to provide you with the best customer service, please contact our Business Billing Center directly at (800) 837-4966. The Business Billing Center specializes in handling billing investigation requests and will be happy to help you further.  

You will be prompted for your telephone number by our Voice Response Unit. To ensure protection of your personal account information and expedite the handling of your request, please have your Verizon account number or bill available.


The department to which I have referred you will be able to assist you. If you have additional questions, please let us know. We at Verizon value your business.




Just for my record, that number is the very same number I've been calling all this time.


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Re: had enough of Verizon

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Hi BusinessOwner


Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or help you resolve your issue.

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Re: had enough of Verizon

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second day:


Yesterday I had sent out an another email through the 'contact us' link and I have not received a reply from that email yet.

Instead, I received a private message from Verizon that I should send them an another email through the 'Verizon support' link so they can assist me. I wonder why they have the 'contact us' option when they have a different link for reporting an issue.

That was 11 o'clock and I sent out another email as soon as I received the private message.

At about 5 I recieve an email directly to my email address asking me for my account number. I figured they need my second phone line number so I provided them with that number. They have not told me a way to reply so I replied to the email address I received the email from. I replied about 20 minutes after I received the email. That is the end of communication between Verizon and me for today.

I am sending an another email out tonight since internet is still not working in my business location.

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Re: had enough of Verizon

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Dear Elizabeth,


Thank you. You are the first person who was willing to help so I really appreciate it.

I feel like I still have a lot to go through so I will see how this goes...

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Re: had enough of Verizon

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Third day:

This morning I got a private message they are still working on my problems.

Then in the afternoon I got a notification email from Verizon saying that the internet has been ordered and the service will be ready on the 15th. I will see whether it happens or not. I don't have anything against the people who are working on my case right now but before when I was making numerous calls some representatives told me that they ordered internet service and the modem for me which turned out to be untrue because I waited but never ever got a new modem or internet service back.  While I was dealing with this issue I have been told so many things that did not come true. 

Also, having the internet back is my priority but it is not the only issue I have to work on.

I received a reply for the email I sent yesterday. I do not know what happened to the email I sent the day before since I never received a reply for that email. Maybe they did not understand what I was talking about because I did not explain my situation fully in that email. Who knows.


My second e-mail: 

This is second email I am sending out.

In the previous email I spoke about my issues regarding my billing accounts and how during my previous 15 calls no representative was willing to help.

In the reply Verizon did nothing other than simply providing me with the very same number I have called so many times and saying to resolve the issue by making calls.

I was sending an email BECAUSE I was unable to get a proper help by talking on the phone and I have already explained this situation on the previous email. I do not understand how they could answer me in such manner.

I want to get a proper help regarding my situation.

Due to the maximum letter requirements I am unable to send you the full email I have sent previously. If you want to read the previous emails then tell me so I can send it to you. To put it simply my internet has been disconnected for more than a month and no one on the phone was willing to help me out with the situation.


(I never received a reply for this email)




My third e-mail: 

This is third email I am sending out.

It's been more than a month since internet is disconnected from my business location.

Every time I call the representatives tell me different reasons for the disconnection of internet service and do not try to resolve the issue. The latest reason I heard from them was because there is an another internet account on my other phone line (732-***-****) and the internet has been disconnected because I never paid for the internet service. This is very odd considering how I purchased a business package and never ordered a separate internet service. I have never received a bill for that separate internet account either. My phone lines are still working but internet isn't.


I have provided a more detailed story in the forum:



Verizon's response:

Dear ****,

Thank you for contacting the Verizon eChannel Business Center where we never stop working for you. My name is ******. 

I have received your email regarding your High Speed Internet service. 

We apologize for the trouble you are having.

In order to provide you with the best customer service, please contact our Verizon Online Technical Support team directly. 

To reach Verizon Online Technical Support, please dial (888) 649-9500. Verify the 10-digit telephone number on which you have or wish to have Internet service, and then say the name of the department. 


The department to which I have referred you will be able to assist you. If you have additional questions, please let us know. We at Verizon value your business.




So basically they replied me in the same way they replied my first email. Well I do have to get some kind of a solution either by calling or emailing them but I failed to get an answer by making calls so I will have to email them until they answer me properly. I sent an another email tonight.


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