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have to vent frustrastions before loosing my mind.

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have to vent frustrastions before loosing my mind.

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HELP!!!!!! Dealing with verizon has me feeling like I am stuck in a BAD TWILIGHT ZONE episode. I use to consider myself an intelligent educated person. No more, verizon has cured me of that delusion. I used to shame verizon for having untrained twits that know absolutely nothing about how services or how verizon functions beyond what marketing adman has put before them on their computer screen as “standardize answers/solutions?’ to known problems. Then I realized I am was thinking of the 80-90’s. The frontline is no longer the phone customer service, it is the internet. Yeah, their website, that’s the ticket. That is where they have their people in-the-know. The people who wrote the manual how-to’s and because it is all written in front of you & you can simultaneously live chat with someone, it will be easy  to get help with these supposed simple 1-2-3(not!) set up services. I had renewed hope. That was until I signed on,and discovered that  Boy was I EVER WRONG!  I was instantly transported from being frustrated talking to one clueless person after another to feeling like a lab rat in the most convoluted maze of chaos with no direction.  I think I will starve to death before I find the cheese or answers I am seeking. Oh by the way, don’t bother with trying to ask the Avatars, that you encounter along the way, anything. They say they can help but don’t believe them. It is a trick, they aren’t there to help but to instead frustrate you further and drive you insane. They never have any answers, no matter how simple the question or how you ask it? They are there to throw you to the wolves and to pass the buck off on behalf of Verizon to us” the community’. So what they are telling us is that they have no time or clue how to help us, & we are on our own to band together in our struggles and figure it. They had to come up with something since so many of us have the same issues with them and they don’t know what to do and don’t want to be blatant **bleep**. that's when they put on their thinking caps, which led to someone came up with the brilliant idea to network us all together calling us “the Community” so we focus on helping each other with our problems and issues while no longer looking directly at them fix for us and if they are lucky they get the benefit of our trial and errors and possibly coming up with solutions for them. It’s a cleverly masked example of what’s known as “Passing the Buck”. They are letting us do all the work for them while we pay them the big bucks to do. Maybe they aren’t so stupid after all. Just the same I miss the days when you could talk to someone and they could actually help you because they knew what they were doing because they had hands-on product knowledge and training beyond reading what is written for them on a computer screen about a product or procedure they may have never even seen.

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Re: verizon sucks! have to vent frustrastions before loosing my mind.

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Thank you for this post.  You actually made me smile after an overwhelmingly long day on the phone with Verizon, who claims none of my issues are theirs, although I purchased everything thru them. I'm 6 weeks in and have no website, a domain I now "own" but no one can see becuase it has no MX reords or A-record, no email, and no answers.  But **bleep**, my bill - what I owe - right there top of the portal.  Can't see my bill though - won't let me do that - heavens no. 

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Re: verizon sucks! have to vent frustrastions before loosing my mind.

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Right on the money.  These guys are turning into some kind of zombies.  I am outside of Boston area and had only Verizon (not FiOS) or Charter at the business location.  Having dealt with both of them at my house, decided to deal with the lesser of the two evils.  Had to spend almost 6-8 weeks to get the simple phone line and DSL (at the lowest possible speed that too).  After installation and a few days of frustratingly slow experience, it decided to die on us.  Day 4 now.  Got a call that it is all fixed.  Come to find out that it is not.  Now the next repair call will be after 2 more days.  The only thing I can get them is the verbal apology.


The bills are on time.  The text messages about the initiation of the repair tickets is on time.  No progress report though...


Very annoying...  Using my cell phone hub from Sprint (which is another story in itself...)

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