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$100 Black Friday Gift Card - button not showing up - email link redirects to error page

$100 Black Friday Gift Card - button not showing up - email link redirects to error page

Contributor kbsilver
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A follow up.  I was finally able to redeem the Prime and Echo.  Apparently there was an ampersand (&) in my account name which was intentional, husband '&' wife.  After updating the account name, the panels to redeem appeared, and they worked.  Still disspointing that after spending many hours on the phone and chats with at least 6 different people, Verizon could not figure this out.

Contributor MissWho
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Registered: ‎12-16-2018
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I read all the other posts about others  scammed as well and also have not received their visa gift card “bribe”. I am insanely furious that I cannot even describe all the details of the hoops I’ve had to jump through and still havnt gotten ANYWHERE. And all the reps from customer service or everyone I talked to from Verizon knows nothing. It’s almost like they are all still in training. I CRINGE  knowing when I pick up the phone to dial them, I will be on the phone at least an hour out of my life which happens to be very busy. Time is very precious to me. I called FOUR TIMES on four separate days and it’s clear to me now I was scammed.  I am going to make reports and contact the Better Business Bureau and the FTC to file complaints and I suggest you all do the same. I am doing everything in my power to make sure they don’t get away with tricking hard working people like us. That means more precious time out of my life I can’t spare, which is keeping my fire lit and  infuriating me from this level of unfairness.   I will also continue warning any one and everyone I come in contact with NOT TO EVER trust this company. Good luck to you. 

Copper Contributor MsJoy
Copper Contributor
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11/23 Black Friday – I see an offer for $100 amazon gift card, prime membership and Echo to sign up with Verizon. I call and sign up

12/3 Installation takes place

12/4 I get an email to sign into my account and click on an image of an Amazon gift card to register for my card. And once I register, “watch for [my] card to arrive approximately 24-48 hours after you register” As soon as I get the email, I login to the account I’ve already registered for, and see no gift card image.

12/5 I log in and try again and still see no image and search forums and see others are having the same problem

12/6-12/10 I continue to check every day.

12/10-12/17 I see the image, and click “Register Now”, but when I do, I get an error message that reads “Sorry. We could not find a matching record for the account information provided."

12/17 – I simultaneously call and chat with a Verizon rep. “Shalakaa” who confirms that my account is updated in their system. After “researching”, she sends me an Amazon link (https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/?nodeId=200138510#howto) that doesn’t mention anything about Verizon customers. I tell her this and she tells me the link is not working, and that I should call 800.837.4966. I tell her I called that number even while chatting with her and have been on hold for 40 minutes. She connects me to her supervisor “Akankshra” who goes through the same things. First to check the link, then to call the 800 number (who in the  meantime I was able to get someone who tells me they don’t have access to electronic ecard promotions and transfers me to another line that tells me estimated hold time is 27-41 minutes) Akankshra then tells me to call BlackHawk. I tell Akankshra that I’ve read about this in the forums and they won’t be able to help me. HE/she then goes on to say after more research that I have to wait 31 days from installation to try the link again to redeem for my gift card and that the email I received didn’t clearly state standard procedure. I ask for written documentation of the standard procedure and am told there isn’t any. And that I can just use the chat transcript as documentation. The chat ended with a plea to wait until January 4th to register for my gift card.

Contributor dchawk90
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Registered: ‎12-10-2018
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I see I'm one of the many people who have been unable to find anywhere or anyway of registering for the Black Friday $100 Amazon Gift Card Promotion. Even after receiving the email that says to click the link and find the "Amazon Gift Card image", it's not even available, I don't see it anywhere. Online Support Chat and Customer Service over the phone are 0 help. THey just keep running you around in circles and nobody seems to have any clue about the seemingly hundreds of people that are having this same exact issue. How is this possible? I didn't sign up for a new service just to be screwed out of promotions I was promised. How can there be no awareness of this issue within Verizon???

Copper Contributor Plashomb
Copper Contributor
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Got ANOTHER email telling me to visit the home page and click on the gift card graphic to register. There was actually a gift card graphic there this time, to bad it STILL DOES NOT let me register. Tells me it has no record of my information. Tried 3 times over the last week, get the same message. Just got off the phone with customer service. Todays sstory is that myself and ovr 13,000 other customers are getting that message and they are working hard to fix it and get my card out to me as soon as possible......um, excuse me ? i thought i had to register first? 

Copper Contributor MsJoy
Copper Contributor
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Can I ask what your installation date is? I was told today that it takes 31 days after installation to be able to register for the gift card. And for the record, this was told to me by the "Supervisor" during online chat help who identifies as "Akankshra". Another agent before that told me the same thing and that person identifies themselves as "Shalakaa"


Contributor davidw87
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its been 3 weeks and i still havent gotten my egift card, this was suppoesed to be 48hr wait time. its shoing 2/1/2019! this is unproffesional and no one is helping!

Contributor NewCust
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Registered: ‎12-18-2018
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Verizon has truly goofed up the experience for new customers who chose them during the Black Friday sale.  One of the options was a Amazon Gift card that was supposed to be available within 48 hours.  Even though the email was sent and now the Amazon card shows up on the screen to click, it cannot reconcile with the account.  Its been frustrating - talking to so many representatives over the past few weeks to redeem this card.  

It is almost a callous attitude by Verizon.  Horrible communication and ill informed representatives - feel like been taken for a ride here.

I hope they clean up their act soon.  I see others in the forum going through the same issue

Contributor Mike_
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Registered: ‎12-22-2018
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Been trying to redeem my gift card for signing up for Black Friday for weeks now, all I get is error codes and the run around from the reps online. Filing a complaint with the BBB. Be aware its a scam!

Contributor CDean100
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Registered: ‎12-23-2018
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I have seen a few people post about issues redeeming their Black Friday reward for signing up to Triple Play . I am trying to redeem the $100 Amazon gift card but the link takes me to a blank page that has an error message, no one in customer service seems to understand the issue and try and send me round in circles to different departments. Not a great first impression for a new customer at all. 


Has anyone seen a solution to this in forums? I am starting to think that Verizon has used this as a hook to get more people signed up but not intending to pay out the additional rewards. Very suspicious!!

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