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$100 Black Friday Gift Card - button not showing up - email link redirects to error page

$100 Black Friday Gift Card - button not showing up - email link redirects to error page

Contributor Danmcd
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Registered: ‎12-28-2018
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My offer was to be redeemed on Dec 20th. I have been on the phone for literally many hours, transferred from one department to the next to no avail. I am getting really upset that a multi-billion dollar company that offers all sorts of internet security can not figure out their own problems. Nobody knows anything and i can't get answers. I want answers since you guys want your upcoming payment. Enough is enough. 

Contributor kazar
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Registered: ‎12-28-2018
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I have tried for days waiting as long as 3+ hours per day in call center queues for a repesentative to help me with this solution but I keep getting redirected from department to department saying "we don't handle this".  Called customer support, which redirected me to rewards plus, which redirected me to customer service who could not help. Then next time I tried an online chat agent, who directed me to the blackhawk specialists, first time they redirected me to the main directory saying they can't help, second time they directed me to the promotions gift card department. The gift card department made notes and called everyone except customer service and told me none of the other departments could help except customer service, and to call back. I called back and I'm currently waiting another 3+ hours on hold with customer service again with no resolution in sight. My amazon black friday promotional gift card registration link in my email does not work. The link takes me to a page that says and error has occured and to talk to a supervisor. Can I get some help with this issue please?

Copper Contributor frenzytom
Copper Contributor
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So for those who got the gift card code, what were the details of your experience? How long did you wait and what were the steps to finally get your gift?


So far I narrowed down the blockers and one thing is consistent: Verizon is not fully aware of this promotion and the promotion was totally mis-managed!


Fix this...


Contributor kphelps
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Registered: ‎12-28-2018

Spoke with someone on the phone for 1.5 hours, the only thing they had to say was "I honestly don't know what to do or who to transfer you to, I'm sorry. We know about the issue but don't know when it will be resolved". 


I asked for a new gift card or a credit to my account, and the response was "Not until all avenues have been exhausted, and they haven't been".


LIES! If your team knew about the issue on 12/3, has not been able to resolve it, and no one knows what to do next, pretty sure all avenues have been exhausted.


This is absolutely ridiculous. Terrible customer service and wish I had never switched. Fios is a scam.

Contributor minux
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God the e-mail, but can not get my Black Friday Bonus. Called and was told to keep trying. I have repetably tried. Please send me my Black Friday Bonus.


Thank you & God bless.

Contributor chrfr
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Registered: ‎12-30-2018

I also can't redeem this. Verizon is committing fraud, and isn't interested in resolving it.

Contributor PK2
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Registered: ‎12-31-2018
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According to the Black Friday special, I was supposed to recieve a $100 Amazon Gift Card 24 hours after installation.  I got an email with link but that gives an error (https://www.verizon.com/econtact/ecrm/includes/html/vzfwdNew.html?app_nm=PNP&env=PROD),


It's been over 4 days since installation and the link on the app and My Verizon page is still not there.  Calling customer service is a waste, after hours on hold they are clueless, where is my gift card?

Contributor Grazia0104
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Registered: ‎01-01-2019
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I switched to Verizon on 12/6/18

I ordered online and followed directions to the letter

when email to redeem gift card cane I logged into my new account and registered The message said I will be eligible in 60 days


Called every day since rewards department customer service and billing even cancellations 

No one knew what the bonus was then it was a system issue then one agent said she didn’t know anything at all

finally it was Amazon fault but they seemed to have no problem with getting me the bill to me promptly and with a reminder


truly a bait and switch waited on phone one time for 59 minutes just to get an agent 

I copied the email and text to chat help guess what ? Call the rewards department guess what called rewards said you need customer service  Customer Service said Verizon made a mistake and never meant to say it could be redeemed immediately but that email explanation had a technical issue and did not get sent out 


The mistake was switching to Verizon 

Contributor Attorney25
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Registered: ‎12-17-2018
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Thanks for your response.  There was nothing in my spam folder.  I have several emails from Verizon but none allowed me to register. 


This is issue needs to be escalated and Verizon needs to better communicate to its customers!

@george039413 wrote:

Have you checked your spam folder? That is where mine was, see above post.


Contributor DianaW48911211
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Due to an error in your rewards department, I have been unable to claim my $150 gift card. I have been on the phone several times, holding for 45 minutes, then disconnected following a busy signal. I was finally able to rectify the situation, but only by having billing credit me the $150. The emails that were sent to me had a button to claim my reward. The button was not hyperlinked and was a static image. This goes back to the first email received in November. At best, this is a gross oversight that has affected countless customers. At worst, this is a disingenuous practice to obfuscate the rewards claim process. 

My time is valuable as well. Hours have been spent trying to rectify this. The supervisor in billing informed me that he could do nothing additional beyond the $150 credit. while I do appreciate his help, I feel as though there should be additional compensation through rewards points or in some other manner. Normally, I am not one to raise an issue about matters as such, but this feels particularly egregious. I was informed to contact customer escalations. I don't readily see contact information, which I also find to be frustrating. My old provider sends me monthly offers to return to their service and even offered to pay to cancel the contract. With this type of customer service, what incentive do I have to stay?

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